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The Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) offers internationally-recognised art, design, media and performance short Arts Study Abroad Programs for students.

Arts Study Abroad Courses are for students who want to spend time learning in the UK, but do not necessarily want to spend 2 – 3 years in another country. Our programmes provide international students the option to spend 10 weeks, 20 weeks or 30 weeks studying alongside our undergraduate or diploma students in an exciting, world famous creative University College.

There are Arts Study Abroad courses for students who have limited or extensive art and design experience in their chosen subject:

BA (Hons) 10 weeks Arts Study Abroad UK - If you are an existing students on a degree programme and would like to spend a part of your bachelor's degree at one of the most successful specialist universities in the UK, where you can earn credits towards your degree our BA (Hons) 10 weeks Arts Study Abroad UK courses are the best option for you.

Introduction to Arts Study Abroad UK - If you haven’t started specialist degree yet or you have limited art and design experience, you can apply for an Introduction to Arts Study Abroad UK. Depending on your age and level of work you join our Diploma students for 10-20 weeks to develop a portfolio for BA (Hons) application.

English+ Preparation for Arts Study Abroad UK - If you would like to apply for a BA (Hons) course and need a comprehensive portfolio as well as improve English scores, then our 24 weeks English+ Preparation for Arts Study Abroad UK course will help you prepare both your language and art and design capabilities for application at any Art and Design Specialist University College.

Arts Bespoke Study Abroad UK - If you existing experience or if you are looking for a more specific course, designed around your individual learning needs, we can offer you a Bespoke Arts Study Abroad UK programme. You can join students on a range of different courses and in addition receive one-to-one tuition.

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