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The College of Engineering was inaugurated in 1980 and includes five academic departments that offer seven Bachelor degrees, namely Architectural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering, all of which are recognized nationally by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in addition, all undergraduate programs in the College of Engineering are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. The Engineering departments also offer M.Sc. degrees in all the Bachelor disciplines plus Water Resources, Material Science and Engineering, and an interdisciplinary Masters in Engineering Management. Ph.D. studies are also offered in all the scientific disciplines. Students will complete their studies in the new state-of-the-art University campus that includes world-class facilities and laboratories. These new facilities position UAEU as a top-class provider of engineering programs. It has greatly enhanced the teaching, learning, and research environment for students through smart classroom technologies and curriculum material readily available through the Blackboard course hosting portal. The College programs integrate industry-standard engineering software for analysis and design such as LabView, Autocad, HYSYS, Fluent, ABACUS, ANSYS, and others, and through partnerships with industry, students get to use specialized industry packages in their designs and research projects. These tools combined with educational pedagogy that emphasizes interactive teaching and learning, project-based learning, and communication and team skills have significantly enhanced the educational experience for UAEU Engineering students. The effectiveness of the College of Engineering in designing and delivering quality academic programs has been greatly facilitated by the partnerships which have been forged within the public and private sectors throughout the UAE. Bachelor students conduct their internship training at over 200 companies and organizations throughout the UAE and internationally, and industry representatives regularly provide informative seminars to students. Both representatives from the industry and college alumni provide valuable feedback to the Engineering departments to ensure the curricula is updated to meet the industry’s needs and the requirements of accrediting bodies.

Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives

Vision “To achieve excellence in engineering education and applied research at the regional and international levels” Mission “To meet educational, research and cultural needs of the UAE society by preparing distinguished graduates for career and leadership; to contribute to the development and expansion of knowledge through quality and innovative research in areas strategic to the nation” Goals and Objectives

  1. Prepare graduates to be pioneers and leaders in engineering disciplines.
  2. Conduct scientific research and innovation in areas of national and regional importance.
  3. Maintain academic excellence in accordance with international standards.
  4. Promote partnership with industry.

Dean’s Welcome Message

Engineering is a combination of knowledge, skills, creativity, innovation, management, commitment, and ethics. It is the art of making practical applications of the knowledge of pure science. It is all about solving real-life problems and providing optimum solutions and designs. Engineers shape the future of the nations and enhance the quality of life of the population. The College of Engineering (COE) is distinguished by its rich tradition, commitment to heritage and innovation, and high ambitions to achieve excellence in teaching, research, and services. The journey of the COE started in 1980, and since then the College continued to grow and flourish to become one of the few most comprehensive educational and research-intensive Engineering Colleges in the region. The College aspires to become among the well-known and top-ranked Engineering Colleges at the international level. The COE consists of five main departments offering an array of undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. programs. These departments include; Architectural Engineering, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. All undergraduate programs are ABET accredited. The success of undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the COE has been supported by highly qualified and distinguished faculty and staff, who continue to set the highest standards of excellence in teaching and research in their fields of expertise. The students in the College of Engineering are provided with fantastic opportunities to be involved in many career development aspects; including, among others, extracurricular activities, participation in faculty research, and taking internships in high-tech companies. I highly encourage you to review our website, explore study and career opportunities at the COE, learn more about our undergraduate and graduate programs, and perhaps visit our advanced educational facilities and research labs. The COE has a lot to offer both in the classrooms and out. Prof. Sabah Alkass Dean, College of Engineering

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Master of Engineering Management

Campus Full time September 2019 United Arab Emirates Al Ain

Engineering Management is the Process of Planning, Organizing, Staffing, leading and influencing People and Controlling Activities which have a Technological Component. [+]

Engineering Management is the Process of Planning, Organizing, Staffing, leading and influencing People and Controlling Activities which have a Technological Component. These functions require foundation skills from engineering managers to manage themselves, staff, teams, projects, technologies and global issues of importance. These requirements being partly technical and partly business related, the Colleges of Engineering, and Business and Economics got together and launched the program in 2006. The program focuses on product development, process management, Quality Engineering and Project management from the technical side and leadership, management of technical innovations, supply chain, finance and decision making from the business side. The knowledge and skills thus gained are integrated through an action project.... [-]