Esmod is the oldest fashion school in the world.

Esmod was founded in 1841 by Mr. Lavigne personal tailor of Empress Eugénie and Napoleon III.

Esmod is the only network of fashion institutes and universities with 21 branches worldwide.

What differentiates ESMOD DUBAI from other schools & universities offering fashion design programs?

- Esmod Dubai is the only institution fully dedicated to fashion education, we do fashion, nothing else.

- Esmod Dubai provides the highest level of fashion courses based on 170 years patented method actualized yearly by fashion design & pattern making program coordinators.

- The fashion design & pattern making program is revised yearly based on fashion industry trend.

- Esmod Dubai is the only institution to offer specializations such as Ready to Wear, Deluxe Ready to Wear, Creator, New Couture & Haute Couture.

- Faculties are trained yearly either by visiting trainers or in Esmod Paris home Campus

- Faculties are professional fashion designers & pattern makers with proven professional experience and success in the industry.

- Students learn and practice all technics of garment making and all types of finishing to gain autonomy including flat cutting, molding & draping.

- The program covers the making of all types of garments and variations in full samples and final fabric throughout the 3 years curriculum, not only study pieces like others schools do.

- Fashion design portfolios of each exercise in the program correspond to industry standards
- Students learn how to design full collections, conceive their own patterns, stitch and mount their own garments.

- In less than 2 years, Esmod Dubai students are better than any tailors on the local market

- Esmod Dubai students are the only one who can conceive and produce garments from A to Z as per the French couture quality standards

- The most renowned local fashion houses trust Esmod Dubai quality standards by regularly contacting Esmod for recruitments.

- International brands such as Armani, Dior, Sonya Rykiel, Christian Lacroix, Valentino... recruit only Esmod Dubai students to collaborate backstage in their fashion show.

Is it necessary to complete a preparatory year before enrolling in the first year program?

It is not mandatory but our fashion workshops are also customized as foundation courses.
The first year program at Esmod prepares beginners to learn the basics in drawing, pattern drafting, and sewing. On the other hand, our 3 & 6 months fashion workshop programs will provide you with a strong base if you want to join in the middle of the academic year prior to your enrollment in the main program.

Do you have to be able to draw and sew to apply at ESMOD?

The fact that a student cannot draw is by no means an obstacle to follow the program at Esmod. If the student likes to draw, Esmod's methods will enable him/her to learn and progress without difficulty. A student without drawing and sewing notions will progress faster than a student who already has notions and must re-adapt them to the Esmod methods. In a 2 month period, students will learn to draw fashion silhouettes, conceive moodboards based on their inspirations, draw garment variations and be able to make their first garments.

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