Ternopil National Economic University


Ternopil National Economic University is one of the leading higher educational establishments of Ukraine that has the 4th level of accreditation.

It is an autonomous institution that has the right to graduate Masters of Economics.

The University was established in 1966 when the Branch of the Faculty of Finance and Economics of the Kyiv Institute of National Economy was opened in Ternopil. In length of time the Branch grew into the Faculty (in 1967), later it grew into the Institute of Finance and Economics (1971), the Institute of National Economy (1989), the Academy of National Economy (1994). On the 30th of March 2005 the educational institution gained the University status. On the 29th of September 2006 by the Order of the President of Ukraine it was conferred the status of “National”.

The TNEU staff meets the demands of the times and acts in the way to make every student and graduate feel that their skills, abilities and economic mode of thinking will fit in with the demands of tomorrow. To achieve this goal, the University staff follows the following two indisputable principles: it is not the teacher who teaches students, but the students who learn from the teacher; the goals of economic education are the following: to form the student’s economic thinking that can be transformed into certain actions, and to inoculate the responsibility for decision-making.

The TNEU studying process is performed in the way to direct students and lecturers towards high responsibility for the results of studying. This is achieved by the availability of course books, study guides for individual learning, laboratory manuals, etc.

Today, the TNEU is a multidisciplinary educational complex consisting of 14 Faculties (Faculty of Finance, Faculty of Banking Business, Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Management, Faculty of International Business and Management, Faculty of Economics and Management, Faculty of Accounting and Audit, Faculty of Computer and Information Technologies, Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management, Ukrainian-German Economic Faculty, Law Faculty, Faculty of Pre-University, Postgraduate and Masters Training, Novovolynsk Faculty, Sambir Faculty of Applied Software and Kalush Faculty), and three institutes that train specialists in nine areas and twenty-two specialties, sixty-eight Departments, and four Education and Consulting Centers.

The University has top rank positions as a result of evaluation of 2007-08 performed by international and Ukrainian experts. In particular, in 2007, the University was among the five best Economic Universities of Ukraine, and in 2008, it took the eleventh position among the higher educational establishments of the 3rd-4th levels of accreditation. The University is one of the leading educational institutions of Ukraine. The University’s graduates are the vivid example of self-actualization, freethinking, national identity, and creativity in research. They are active participants of public and political movements, and democratic processes in Ukraine.

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Master in International Economics and Tourism

Campus Full time September 2017 Ukraine Ternopil

English-language program is a structural unit of the Faculty of International Business and Management. Nowadays about a hundred of foreign students study at the English-language program of [+]

English Language Program of International Economics and Tourism

English-language program is a structural unit of the Faculty of International Business and Management. Nowadays about a hundred of foreign students study at the English-language program of international economics and tourism.

We prepare specialists in International economics:

Bachelor degree Master degree


International economics


“European economics” “International tourism”

Living in hostels is available.

The sphere of activity of our specialists is:

organizational-administrative and analytical work in the agencies of the foreign countries in Ukraine and abroad; dealing with the realization of common investment, trade-economic and tourist projects with foreign partners; ensuring and activity of the common enterprises, investment and tourist companies, banks; organizational-administrative work that deals with the ensuring the functioning of hotel-tourist, restaurant and service business; organization of the educational tours concerning the study of foreign languages, history, translation, and other. ... [-]