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The Virtual University of Uganda is fully licenced by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education. As the first online university in the region, we are proud to be part of the technological revolution in tertiary education.

We aim to bring premier learning resources to professionals in the fields of public health and international development who wish to obtain a postgraduate qualification without having to take time off work or travel to an outside country. Our staff are experienced academics who are recruited locally, regionally, and internationally. VUU programmes are accessed through our dedicated learning platform (Moodle) hosted by UP Learning in The Netherlands. Our vast Open Access Digital Library is available to staff, students, and the general public 24/7.

We are working with Mbarara University of Science and Technology to deliver a world-class ICT for Development programme fully online, and the University of Africa to make our online business administration programme available in Zambia and Southern Africa.

As a private-not-for-profit institution, the mission of the Virtual University of Uganda is to achieve excellence in tertiary education provision through providing quality programmes of the highest standards to students who will contribute to positive development in society.

The aim of the university is three-fold:

First: VUU strives to become the leading provider of quality online education for students who can learn (while they earn) at their own pace and in their own place, and who will, through receiving tertiary education of the highest quality, become instruments of positive change in their workplaces and in society, thereby contributing to development.

Second: the university is committed to helping build capacity in Uganda's traditional universities by sharing knowledge and providing support to academic and IT Departments to digitize existing print-based distance-learning materials and to set up new online programmes.

Third: the VUU aims to become a hub for online education in the East and Central Africa region. To this end, the VUU programmes will be offered initially in English and later in French.

The major objective of the university is to train professionals who can contribute meaningfully to the positive development of their country in the sectors that are, and will be, vital not only to Uganda but also to the region, in the coming decades. Thus, the Virtual University of Uganda will bring tertiary education of the highest international standards to Uganda in order to prepare the coming generation, who are tomorrow's leaders, to participate fully and meaningfully in the country's development.

Programmes Overview

Our postgraduate programmes blend cutting-edge theoretical knowledge and practical training so that graduates are well equipped to contribute to their fields nationally, regionally, and globally.

All VUU programmes are delivered via an e-learning platform and are entirely online. This means that all learning materials are accessed online (using Moodle), including live classes, tutorials, and discussion forums; exams are also done online at the end of each course. Apply online today and take the Admission Test soon!

Additional information
The PG Diplomas take two calendar years to complete. The Master's programmes are thirty (30) month programmes: two calendar years for courses and a further six months to submit a dissertation. In order to qualify for admission to the Master's dissertation, applicants need to have completed the required courses leading to a postgraduate diploma with a GPA of 3.0 or above. Qualified candidates may proceed to the Master's dissertation which will be supervised by a recognised regional or international expert in the field of study chosen.

Our Library

Our Open Access Library is a vast collection of up-to-date resources that support both student learning and staff research. It is free and open to the general public.

Corporate Academy

Our Corporate Academy website offers information about our Continuous Professional Development courses and training sessions and our IT workshops and courses.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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