University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Integrated Health Sciences


The School of Integrated Health Sciences at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas houses the departments of:

Health Physics and Diagnostic SciencesKinesiology and Nutrition SciencesPhysical TherapyBrain Health

Integrated Health Sciences offers nearly 20 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, two minors, a certificate program, and a post-baccalaureate internship.

Students interested in medical physics, nuclear medicine, comprehensive medical imaging, radiochemistry, and radiography should contact the Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences department. Those interested in athletic training should contact the Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences department.

Students have opportunities to participate in and lead research studies with access to many on-campus laboratories and guidance by experienced faculty members. Since some programs can be entered on a competitive basis only, students should contact the respective program director for additional admissions details.

The School of Integrated Health Sciences continues to make a positive impact and fosters evolutionary changes in health care on local and national levels. The demand for exceptional care and for caring, knowledgeable professions is at an all-time high. The school meets that demand by graduating students who are expertly trained and prepared to not only continue the delivery of top-notch health care but also advance innovation, research, and enhanced delivery methods throughout the industry.

Faculty and staff within Integrated Health Sciences hail from around the globe and bring their experiences within government agencies, professional associations, research collaborations, and industry-leading organizations to their classrooms.


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