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About Stevens

Seven thousand students, 300 faculty. A jewel of a campus, besides one amazing city, in a top-3 college town. Countless ideas. Infinite questions. And answers that matter. This is Stevens.

Passionate for the (Im)possible

At Stevens Institute of Technology, the impossible becomes possible. We take the spark of an idea and make it real.

Our students work together in interdisciplinary teams to create new products, solutions, and services. Our faculty produce groundbreaking research that enables better planning and policy; improves healthcare and treatment; builds our understanding of critical questions; shares useful insight; and makes life safer, more secure and more comfortable. Our partners in the industry work with us to transform business, create the future and tackle the big challenges.

On a green hilltop campus, just the right size and right across the river from New York City, we teach the next generations of leaders and thinkers — the dreamers and doers — to explore with their minds but also to follow their hearts. We teach them to innovate, anticipate, collaborate. We prepare them for careers and further education, prepare them to arrive and thrive in the real world. And they do thrive, spectacularly.

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The Stevens Difference

Stevens education is unique. We challenge and prepare students in ways they never knew possible. We teach how, through collaboration, the greatest gains are realized. By the time graduates have passed through our doors, they have experienced teamwork, project management, hustle, and hope. And they have been prepared to achieve the futures they have always envisioned.

The Vision to Succeed

Stevens President Nariman Farvardin has served the university since July 2011. Working with his cabinet, the Stevens Board of Trustees and an advisory Leadership Council, and guided by a detailed 10-year Strategic Plan, his leadership reflects Stevens' commitments to collaboration, impact and the leveraging of technology to solve society's most pressing challenges.

An Education Unlike Any Other

Stevens' unique blend of technological education and applied to learn opportunities prepares our students for the real world — and recruiters notice. We offer entrepreneurship coursework to first-year students; a wide choice of interdisciplinary majors; and unparalleled access to highly ranked internships and cooperative education. Most Stevens seniors also participate in year-long team capstone projects.

Minutes From Manhattan

Stevens is situated in the ideal location, in a top-3 college town (Hoboken) and positioned directly across the Hudson River from New York City -- the financial and cultural hub of the world, and a rising center of technology innovation. A 55-acre hilltop campus, just minutes from the city by train, bus or ferry? Now that's access to opportunity.

Research That Makes The Difference

Floods. Hurricanes. Alzheimer's disease. Breast cancer. Hackers. Stevens researchers address the hard questions, try the novel approaches, go the extra steps and develop the real-world applications that make the crucial difference — saving lives, protecting privacy, helping people make better decisions, and ensuring a safer, healthier, more secure world.

Foundational Research Pillars

Stevens performs leading-edge research in a wide variety of critical disciplines. The university has chosen to exert particular research focus on six specific foundational pillars in which Stevens currently possesses leading expertise.

Work in these strategic areas will be critical to national and global planning, governance, infrastructure and technology development — as well as regional, national and international safety, security and well-being. Therefore, Stevens will engage diverse collaborators in academic, industry and government in dynamic partnerships in these specific domains. Through these interdisciplinary research collaboration and external partnerships, the university will continue to maximize its societal impact in these fields.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Cybersecurity

Stevens performs research in AI, machine learning and cybersecurity with applications to passwords, device and network security, healthcare, financial data, and homeland security, among other areas.

Biomedical Engineering, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Through our interdisciplinary Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI), Stevens is working in key research areas toward the future benefit of patients worldwide.

Complex Systems & Networks

Powered by the Center for Complex Systems & Enterprises (CCSE), Stevens systems research takes in critical areas such as emergency preparedness and logistics, transportation planning, and healthcare policy.

Data Science and Information Systems

Stevens data scientists explore and mine the explosion of big data produced by devices and analytics, producing new insights and decision technologies.

Financial Systems & Technologies

Powered by the Hanlon Financial Systems Center, a state-of-the-art financial research and teaching facility, Stevens research touches all aspects of finance including regulation, contagion and investment strategy.

Resilience & Sustainability

Stevens is an international leader in coastal and urban resilience research, driving study and discussion about protecting coastal communities from the effects of climate change. We also perform significant sustainability and energy research.

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Stevens Institute of Technology is a private co-educational research institution. Stevens Institute of Technology was created by an act of the New Jersey legislature in 1870 and operates as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As a private institution, Stevens is governed by its Board of Trustees, operating under the By-Laws of the University, and by its President.


The Trustees of Stevens Institute of Technology, as a private university, operates pursuant to its Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws and the policies and procedures adopted by the institution from time to time. The Board of Trustees meets on a regular basis and maintains a structure of Board committees outlined in the By-Laws and charters for each committee. The Policy Library is a repository of many of the policies adopted by the institution and is updated on a regular basis.

Stevens Leadership

Appointed by the Board of Trustees, the president of Stevens Institute of Technology is responsible for the supervision of all university affairs and for overseeing progress toward the university’s strategic goals. The president works closely with the provost, who oversees all academic programs and assumes the responsibilities of the president in the president's absence, and the vice presidents who lead major administrative divisions within the university.

Beyond the Classroom

The Stevens student experience takes in much more than classroom time and research in the lab. The university offers the team and intramural athletics; more than 100 student clubs; a regular program of stage, music and other arts; and plenty of other opportunities for personal growth, the creation of community and new friendships.

Raising Their Game

Stevens student-athletes defy one-dimensional stereotypes and thrive on competition. Combining smarts, character, and grit, they compete at the highest levels in 26 varsity sports, capturing NCAA individual and team championships.

Taking a Bow

Dramatic theater that speaks to the human condition. Broadway-style shows that lift our spirits. Musical ensembles that make our hearts sing. At Stevens, we believe the ability to creatively solve problems is allied to a passion for the arts. And the multi-talented women and men of Stevens who fearlessly explore the artistic possibilities embody this creative energy.

Change Agents

Income equality. Environmental sustainability. Educational reform. Stevens students aren’t content to sit on the sidelines. Embracing the roles of citizen and leader, the change makers intent on making a difference in the broader community in which they live.



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