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The Saint James School of Medicine Anguilla campus welcomed its first students in January 2010, following ten years of successful education on the Bonaire campus.

In 1999, Saint James School of Medicine was approved by the Federal Government of the Netherlands Antilles, and the medical school became operational in 2001.

The project is a combined one, bringing together the island government of Bonaire and a consortium of highly experienced medical educators and physicians from universities and colleges in the United States and Europe. The basic science and clinical rotation programs offered as part of our MD Program are fully compatible with US medical school programs, with special reference to the requirements of USMLE.

Our dream of establishing a high-quality Caribbean medical school is flourishing. Saint James School of Medicine has grown tremendously since its inception and currently has over 250 students across two campuses, with more than 200 students carrying out clinical sciences in the United States.


The mission of Saint James School of Medicine is to help motivated students realize their dream of a medical career, irrespective of ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. We use innovative teaching methods to shape the minds and spirits of our students and help transform them into compassionate healers of the human body and mind.

Saint James School of Medicine is an accredited Caribbean medical school providing an affordable medical education to students throughout the world. Offering an MD program, the curriculum at Saint James prepares students for the United States Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE). As the demand for qualified physicians escalates; medical schools limit the number of students and the cost of medical education increases Saint James School of Medicine fulfills a vital need in the community.

We are committed to training students to think, to solve problems, and to apply their knowledge to the care and well-being of their patients and society. It is our belief that a high-quality medical education should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

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