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The School of the Museum of FineArts was designed by artists, for artists. It puts you, the artist, at the center. You will be encouraged here. You will be pushed. To take risks. To work in a medium you've never tried before. But you won't be told what to do. You will work with the faculty to develop your own voice, your own point of view; which is why our students, our graduates, go on to define new directions in the arts. Many are pioneers in their field. Others create entirely new fields. The education you receive here will prepare you for a world that is constantly changing and constantly placing very high demands on its participants.

The SMFAis a challenging place; it is designed to be that way. But in the end, it is an experience that will be profoundly rewarding. And that is what a really good education is all about.


The mission of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is to provide an education in the fine arts—for artists of all levels—that is interdisciplinary and self-directed. This education values cultural, artistic and intellectual diversity; it embraces a wide range of media; it stresses the development of individual vision and its relation to culture in general; it values equally the knowledge gained by thinking and doing; it is deeply engaged with the world as a whole. If the mission is constant, its practice is always transforming.

At theSMFA, you'll shape your own artistic process by choosing from an expansive range of studio art courses in 18 areas of study.

There is no required foundations program in the studio arts. Instead, with the support of advisors and mentors, you create your own individual course of study. It's a unique and rewarding process that enables you to experiment across media and evolve your art practice as you advance.

This approach brings an unusual freedom, and it bears extraordinary fruit: self-confident artists with unique sets of skills and interests, supported by the kind of fearless curiosity that fosters groundbreaking art.

This approach also involves unusual responsibility: to take charge of the process, to accept critiques, and to seek help when it's needed. And help is readily available:
faculty membersare accessible, and the School offers a range ofadvising and support services.

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Master of Fine Arts

Campus Full time 2 years September 2018 USA Boston

Both rigorous and highly selective, the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program will prepare you for a career as a professional artist. Artistic innovation and... [+]

Master of Fine Arts


Both rigorous and highly selective, the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program will prepare you for a career as a professional artist. Artistic innovation and creativity are fundamental qualities that are highly transferable to wider areas of society. The curriculum integrates practical and critical skills across diverse media and disciplines; you'll hone your practice through individual innovation, creative collaborations, informal mentorships and academic discourse. MFA students are enrolled at both SMFA and Tufts University, and graduate in two years with an MFA degree from Tufts.Key aspects of the program include:

A varied curriculum that integrates practical and critical skills across diverse media and disciplines. Professional development including a Contemporary Art Seminar (CAP), graduate group critiques, individual meetings with graduate advisors and the support of Career Services. Teaching opportunities and the ability to apply for outside exhibitions and grants, including SMFA Travel Grants. Colloquia that explore timely ideas in the visual arts and art theory. The fall colloquium on November 26, 2012, "No Dust in the Digital Archive?," explored the production and use of contemporary digital archives which problematize notions of copyright, accessibility and permanency, yet offer a new form to connect with our past. Distinguished visiting faculty and guest artists. ... [-]