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Learning Rooted in Experience

A nonprofit regionally accredited higher education institution, Pacific Oaks offers bachelor’s completion and master’s programs in a variety of fields, including Human Development, Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT), Education, Early Childhood Education (ECE), Teacher Credentialing, and Organizational Leadership.

Having built our programs to meet the needs of the California community, our campus locations include Pasadena and San Jose, as well as remote cohort locations and instructional sites throughout Northern and Southern California. Our programs are also available online—giving you the chance to pursue a degree while maintaining other commitments.

Rooted in the extraordinary potential that lives in every human being, Pacific Oaks offers an environment where your perspective and experience can play an integral part in your educational journey. Through our unique progressive approach to teaching and learning, everyone in our classrooms is both student and teacher. Students relate subjects to their own personal experiences—sharing with the teacher and fellow students. From this unique pedagogy, you will learn from sharing your experiences as well as hearing those of your fellow classmates.

Pacific Oaks has already made a significant impact on Early Childhood Education in the United States. And our students continue to make a positive impact in California as well as the communities around them.

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

—John Dewey

Mission Statement

Grounded in its social justice heritage, Pacific Oaks College prepares students to be culturally intelligent agents of change serving diverse communities in the fields of human development, education, and related family studies.

Core Values

Informed by Quaker principles, Pacific Oaks Children’s School was built to bring an inclusive approach to early childhood education—teaching children to respect and embrace the differences that make others unique. Pacific Oaks College has expanded on this progressive approach to inform their approach to the fields of Early Childhood Education, Human Development, Cultural and Family Psychology, and Organizational Leadership.

Guided by four core values—respect, diversity, social justice, and inclusion—Pacific Oaks College has helped graduates change the world.


Pacific Oaks faculty members bring years of experience as teachers, counselors, policy-makers, college instructors, early childhood program directors, and beyond. They share a deep, ongoing commitment to the development of all students, and to the inclusive principles upon which our institution was founded.

Our faculty takes pride in creating a supportive, non-hierarchical classroom environment in which students are encouraged to speak freely and share their perspective on a truly collaborative learning process.


Leadership is dedicated to the mission of Pacific Oaks College—fostering professional success in our students through programs that positively impact our communities.

Pacific Oaks students and alumni find success in a variety of different fields

  • Education 35.5%
  • Community & Social Service 16.3%
  • Entrepreneurship 11.6%
  • Healthcare Services 6.9%
  • Consulting 6.6%
  • Operations 5.6%
  • Program and Project Management 5%
  • Human Resources 5%
  • Administrative 3.6%
  • Other 3.9%

*Percentages are based on 2016 student & alumni data gathered from


2017-2018 Tuition per Credit Hour

  • Undergraduate $808
  • Graduate $1,092
  • Teacher Credential (Undergraduate) $808
  • Teacher Credential (Graduate) $1,092

2017- 2018 Military and Veteran Tuition per Credit Hour

  • Undergraduate $706
  • Graduate $874

Additional costs


Pacific Oaks has two different scholarship programs – our Institutional Scholarships for new students and our Donor Scholarships for current and active students. All scholarships are available to online and on-campus students. Unless otherwise specified, all scholarships are applied toward tuition.

Come See Us For Yourself

We encourage you to visit Pacific Oaks College to see all that we have to offer. Learn about our programs, take a campus tour, meet faculty and other students, and get all of your questions answered. We also recommend taking the opportunity to sit in on one or two classes while you are here.

Office of Admissions:

Pacific Oaks College – Pasadena Campus
55 Eureka Street
Pasadena, CA 91103

Directions to our Pasadena Campus

Pacific Oaks College – San Jose Campus
1245 S Winchester Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95128

Directions to our San Jose Campus

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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This school also offers:


M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy

Campus Full time Part time 2.5 - 5 years September 2018 USA Pasadena + 1 more

The Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy degree program offers a multidisciplinary, inclusive curriculum—studying development and family systems through evidence-based theory and practice. [+]

M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy

The Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) master’s program is a unique MFT training program for developing clinically-skilled, culturally-attuned marital and family therapists and counselors. This Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy degree program integrates a commitment to understanding the power of culture, oppression, and society on the developmental process.

By understanding various cultures and the impact of social-political context on the developing mind and behavior, this master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy program provides a sound foundation for graduates to work effectively as therapists that exhibit integrity, sensitivity, flexibility, insight, compassion and personal presence.... [-]

M.A. in Organizational Leadership & Change

Online Campus 14 - 20 months September 2018 USA Pasadena San Jose + 1 more

Organizational Leadership and Change is Pacific Oaks’ unique approach to the study of leadership. Historically, leadership programs have been a combination of several areas of study: Organizational Studies, Leadership Studies, Authentic Leadership, and Transformational Leadership. [+]

What is Organizational Leadership & Change?

Organizational Leadership and Change is Pacific Oaks’ unique approach to the study of leadership. Historically, leadership programs have been a combination of several areas of study: Organizational Studies, Leadership Studies, Authentic Leadership, and Transformational Leadership.

Organizational Studies

Rooted in the Social Sciences, Organizational Studies explores how structures, processes, and practices can be shaped to form positive relations between institutions and individuals, groups, governing bodies, as well as other institutions. Introducing theory and practical application, Organizational Studies branches into a variety of areas, including management, psychology, communications, public administration, law, as well as many other related fields.... [-]


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