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Oakland University fulfills its distinctive role among Michigan public universities by steadily enhancing an intellectual and ethical environment that prepares students to lead and serve in the local and world communities.


  • Oakland University will provide high quality and challenge undergraduate education that offers students an enriching and diverse combination of liberal arts, professional education, and cultural and social experiences.
  • Oakland University will create a visionary general education program that provides all Oakland baccalaureate graduates with the intellectual and cultural foundation for productive citizenship and a satisfying personal life in the twenty-first-century world.
  • Oakland University's commitment to the highest quality undergraduate education will be shown by the high percentage of classes taught by full-time faculty.
  • A majority of classes taken by Oakland undergraduates will have sizes that maximize opportunities for student-faculty interactions.
  • Every Oakland undergraduate will have the opportunity to work with a faculty mentor in research or other creative endeavors.
  • Oakland University will offer a wide range of masters and professional doctorate programs that both strengthen undergraduate programs and meet the market demands of our society.
  • Oakland University will offer a limited number of Ph.D. programs focused on areas with a concentration of faculty expertise and of the critical need to the state, region, and nation.
  • Future growth in enrollment will continue toward a 20,000-student target matched with growth in faculty, staff, campus and student services and technological enhancements.
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This school also offers:


Master of Science in Information Technology Management

Campus Full time August 2019 USA Rochester

Gives a strong technical and managerial background to those interested in using information technology (IT) for competitive advantage. [+]

Master of Science in Information Technology ManagementThe Masters of Science in Information Technology Management (MSITM) gives a strong technical and managerial background to those interested in using information technology (IT) for competitive advantage. It provides business professionals with the knowledge they need to effectively manage information technology in support of their business goals. It gives information systems (IS) professionals knowledge on the latest technologies and their use in application development.This program is offered by the management information systems (MIS) group within the DIS department of Decision and Information Sciences. The faculty have teaching and research interests in many of the areas around which the program is configured, such as e-commerce, strategy, decision support, and a process view of IS development.The MITM program is developed to meet the changing user and IS needs in the industry - make users more IT proficient, and systems developers more focused on business issues. To this end, the program is structured around five major components (described below). The first two (management and IS core) provide the student with management and IS basics, the middle two (IT Foundations and Electives) provide the role of IT in support of development of generalized and specialized (or focused) systems, and the last component provides an opportunity to synthesize these concepts through cases or a project.... [-]


Master of Accounting

Campus Full time August 2019 USA Rochester

The MAcc is designed for students who are interested in careers in public, corporate, and non-business accounting. [+]

Master of Accounting The Master of Accounting (MAcc) is offered in the Department of Accounting and Finance within the School of Business Administration. The MAcc is designed for students who are interested in careers in public, corporate, and non-business accounting. The degree will assist accounting professionals in the dynamic corporate environment. Professionals in the field are required to be effective communicators, maintain a high level of expertise and uphold ethical responsibilities, while providing financial information, analysis of the economic environment and input in decision-making activities.Specializations Students meeting the requirements can receive the MAcc, but the program allows for specialization in different technical areas. Currently, three specialized track options are offered in the program. The Public Accounting Track prepares students for entry into public accounting. It includes training in financial accounting and auditing with analytical and professional emphasis and helps develop students' skills and capabilities for rapid advancement in public accounting and financial management career options. This option requires courses in Advanced Financial Accounting, Auditing, Federal Income Taxation, Federal Income Taxation II, Advanced Auditing, and two non-accounting courses: Investment Analysis and Enterprise Information Systems. The Managerial Accounting Track offers preparation in planning and control for a career in managerial accounting controllership. This track requires accounting courses including International Accounting, Advanced Cost and Managerial Accounting, Non-Business Accounting and Control, Cost Management, and two non-accounting courses: Operations Management and Database Management. * The Systems Accounting Track option provides expertise in the design and management of information control systems with an emphasis on accounting... [-]