Manchester University


Manchester University delivers innovative academic and rich, hands-on education to enhance student knowledge, personal growth and develop well-rounded leaders. Our programs, competitive curriculums and accepting environment are just some of the ways we continue to maintain a tradition of success. We strive to bring a wide spectrum of exciting programs across all areas of study to enable students to achieve their professional and personal goals. Manchester also provides rich immersive experiences to give students real-world opportunities to gain competitive leadership skills. Whether inside or outside the classroom, our skilled faculty and staff are passionate about teaching, mentoring and supporting student success.

Manchester University’s mission and values are rooted in respect for all individuals and support of holistic learning that inspires productivity and compassion. Every academic program is designed around our strategic priorities to support student success, maximize our impact in the world and facilitate valuable academic resources.

Manchester’s rich history has enabled deep, mission-driven growth over many decades and our current leaders are proud to maintain that traditional of success. We strive to provide diverse resources to meet student needs and inspire growth, including a strong faith community, campus events, student activities, and access to our network of offices and support services.


North Manchester

East College Avenue,604
46962 North Manchester, Indiana, USA

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