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Today the most exciting work in the life sciences, engineering, and management is happening in the biosciences industry. To translate new discoveries into applications that improve the human condition, industry demands a new kind of professional - scientifically proficient and managerially savvy. Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences (KGI) has responded to this challenge with a pioneering class of graduate degrees and programs to educate those individuals who want to shape the future of the life sciences. Established to prepare the future generation of industry leaders, KGI breaks down and transforms traditional boundaries between the academic and corporate worlds. Our degree and research programs are singularly focused on the unique and specific demands of the biosciences industry, drawing widely on the guidance of a world-class advisory council that includes leaders in the industry, science, and higher education. Recognizing that the solution of practical, real-world challenges requires close teamwork, creative problem-solving skills, and cross-functional fluency, our curriculum is fundamentally interdisciplinary, incorporating an intensive technical component and a broad management and policy component, as well as innovative approaches to developing leadership skills. As a result, our students graduate with a practical understanding of the results-oriented, collaborative culture in which scientists, engineers, and managers operate.

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