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You come to learn. You come to do. You come to become. The Tippie MBA is your two-year ticket to personal and professional transformation. It’s the opportunity to grow your abilities and your possibilities. Or to put it in the words of Tippie second year Cody Myers, “The gap between what I wanted to do and what I was doing just kept getting bigger. Tippie changed all that.”

What about you? What change are you looking for? To move from marketing to finance? To develop executive-caliber presentation skills? To move from a seat at the side of the table to the seat at the head?

Whatever your professional goals, the Tippie MBA will propel you toward them. The decades ahead promise immense change and tremendous opportunities for those who have prepared themselves to spot them, seize them, and shape them. At Tippie, that’s the person you will become—a global business leader who not only welcomes new worlds but who brings them into being.


  • Superior Return on Investment
    Tippie graduates realize a positive return on their MBA investment more rapidly than at any other program in the country, according to Forbes. U.S. News ranks Tippie #6 for best financial value.

  • Stellar Employment
    Over the last five years, Tippie has consistently ranked in the top echelon of accredited MBA programs in the U.S. for employment rate three months after graduation.

  • More Hands-on Learning
    Tippie MBAs staff consulting teams for corporate clients during their first year in the program. Top students can lead consulting engagements in their second year.

  • Ultra-personal Attention
    From application through graduation and beyond, Tippie offers a more personalized--and more personal--MBA experience.
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