Indiana State University


Indiana State University sets high standards - for students, faculty members and our institution as a whole.

Our core curriculum ensures that you acquire the fundamental skills and broad knowledge necessary to succeed - no matter what field you chose.

The coursework is challenging because our degree programs are designed to develop the whole person. Whether you graduate with a bachelor's degree or a doctorate, you'll leave here with the kind of strength, wisdom, and confidence that only a well-rounded education provides.

Our student, faculty and staff experiences speak for themselves. What they're saying is that Indiana State offers them a variety of opportunities to participate in community service projects, quality research activities and practical hands-on experiences that help make learning real.

Roll up your sleeves and learn more about the resources available to you as you embark on your journey of knowledge.

At Indiana State University, faculty and students are actively engaged in a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies and applied research projects that impact our community, the state, and the world.

We routinely apply this new knowledge through meaningful, life-changing initiatives that stimulate business start-ups, create new jobs, encourage innovative thinking, and foster economic growth.

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