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We educate leaders, who make a difference in the world!

Since its founding nearly a century ago, the mission of Harvard Business School has been to educate leaders who make a difference in the world. The achievements of our alumni in diverse organizations and positions of leadership throughout the world are a testament to our commitment to that mission. Central to our success is a remarkable faculty that is close to practice, that creates a deep understanding of business through its research, and that teaches with skill and passion. Our faculty have made the classroom at HBS a special place where learning is an intense, interactive engagement for both our MBA and doctoral students as well as for our executive education participants. The experience goes beyond simply providing skills, tools, or knowledge. It also develops the judgment that is the foundation for a lifetime of leadership in a challenging, rapidly changing world.

For nearly a century, our faculty have drawn on their passion for teaching, their experience in working with organizations worldwide, and the insights gained from their research to educate generations of leaders who have shaped the practice of business in every industry and in every country around the world.

Key aspects underlying the School's success include:

  • The Case Method-- Introduced to business education in 1925 by HBS faculty, the case method is a powerful interactive learning process that brings the complex and dynamic realities of business analysis and decision making into the classroom.
  • Pioneering Research-- HBS has a long tradition of ground-breaking research that has had far-reaching impact on business practice as well as on teaching at business schools worldwide.
  • Closeness to Practice-- The School's commitment to being at the forefront of the current and evolving practice of business has led to education and research programs that reflect the realities of the marketplace.
  • International Scope-- HBS has broad and deep ties with executives, scholars, alumni, and other leaders and their organizations worldwide.
  • A Vital Residential Community-- HBS is the only top business school in the United States with a self-contained, residential campus that forms its own vibrant community in the heart of one of the world's great cities.
  • Exceptional Resources-- Due to the generosity of its alumni as well as the continuing success of its own operations, HBS has exceptional flexibility in meeting the needs of its educational and research activities.
  • Our Alumni-- The best measure of the success of an educational institution is the success of its alumni, and HBS is well known to have one of the largest and most influential alumni networks of any institution in the world.
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