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Dallas International University offers specialized training that is unlike many other colleges and institutions. Our experienced faculty offer training in the fields of linguistics, language & culture learning, anthropology, literacy, translation, world arts, Abrahamic studies, and international service. Our 1300+ alumni are using this training to make an impact around the world!

Experienced Faculty

  • 598 combined years of field service
  • 50 countries of service
  • 52 languages spoken
  • 552 publications produced

Many students are surprised to come on campus and find themselves asked to call their professors by their first name. Our faculty is some of the most experienced in their field, but they believe that each student is a future colleague.

“Dallas International faculty members bring a wide range of practical field experience to share in the classroom, in addition to their academic expertise acquired through advanced studies. This contributes to a superior education, built on a strong academic foundation and empowered by a practical understanding of how languages work. Our faculty members are available to discuss with students the personal aspects of fieldwork as well. You are cordially invited to join the adventure of learning to communicate better cross-culturally.”

David A. Ross, Ph.D.

Dallas International President Emeritus


Specialized Programs

  • 1 BA degree program
  • 4 MA majors with 14 different concentrations
  • 10 cooperative programs with other Colleges & Seminaries

Dallas International is best known for its Certificate and MA degree program in Applied Linguistics, training students for work in the areas of linguistics, translation, and cross-cultural service. However, our MA with a major in World Arts is growing rapidly with concentrations in Applied Arts, Arts & Islam, and Arts & Scripture Engagement. Our Applied Anthropology department also offers an MA with a major in Language and Culture Studies with a wide range of concentrations for students interested in Literacy, Islamic Worldviews, Language Survey, Sociolinguistics, and Scripture Engagement. The Abraham Center is proud to announce the launch of an MA with a major in Abrahamic Studies.

Undergraduate students are also a priority at Dallas International! The College of International Studies offers a BA with a major in International Service and minors in Linguistics, World Arts, Cross-cultural Service, and TESOL.

Other schools are also partnering with Dallas International to offer their students some of the benefits of the specialized training we offer. The offerings vary from a college requiring a semester at Dallas International to complete a linguistics minor to a prestigious seminary offering a dual degree program. Visit our Degrees & Programs page to learn more.

“One of the greatest blessings of working on the field has been having the excellent practical training acquired from Dallas International. One encouraging word the Choates would like to give current students is to give themselves time to get settled in the field. For us, it took about 18 months. Only then were we able to go back and reboot so to speak, all the training we had received and could start the challenging and rewarding task of language and culture learning.”

Aaron Choate ’08

Aaron & his wife, Joanna, work in the Solomon Islands with the Lavukal people.

Alumni Impact

  • 80+ Countries of service
  • 65+ Different service organizations
  • 300+ Language communities

Our alumni are impacting communities around the world! They are translators, linguists, literacy workers, language surveyors, Scripture engagement consultants, ethnomusicologists, and cross-cultural workers in a variety of fields. They have used their Dallas International training to serve with over 65 organizations in more than 80 different countries around the world.

“As a faculty member, I think of my former students with immense pride and joy because of their commitment, capability, and depth. Dallas International alumni are in high demand as advisors, trainers, and leaders because they are already familiar with both real practical field issues and scholarly thinking in their domains. I would be glad to work with any Dallas International alum that I know.”

T. Wayne Dye, Ph.D.

Dallas International Faculty


Dallas International Mission Statement

The mission of Dallas International University, as an institution of higher education, is to provide training and research opportunities leading to degrees in applied linguistics, culture studies, and development of languages.

Dallas International Expanded Mission

In fulfilling its mission, Dallas International considers the following to be important ingredients:

  • Graduates of Dallas International degree programs will have acquired skills to learn another language and culture effectively.
  • Graduates of Dallas International degree programs will be equipped to participate with ethnic and linguistic communities in the accomplishment of language and culture related goals.
  • Graduates of Dallas International degree programs will have the basic skills necessary to pass on knowledge and skills they have learned at Dallas International to others in a cross-cultural environment.

Students who complete Dallas International graduate programs will have attained a level of professional competence at the graduate level, allowing them to participate actively in scholarly activity and/or professional service in their area of study.


Dallas International University (Dallas International) is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award baccalaureate and master’s degrees.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Master of Arts with Major in Abrahamic Studies

Online Campus Full time Part time 2 years Open Enrollment USA Dallas + 2 more

The Master with a major in Abrahamic Studies prepares students to work in the Abrahamic worlds of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam through gaining an understanding of the basic concepts and theories of these global cultures. [+]

The Master with a major in Abrahamic Studies prepares students to work in the Abrahamic worlds of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam through gaining an understanding of the basic concepts and theories of these global cultures. Students will acquire language essentials for the study of the Abrahamic traditions; learn to discern the points of intersection among these faiths; and will be able to serve cross-culturally in and with Abrahamic communities and organizations based on a respectful understanding of their beliefs and practices, and engendering humanitarian contributions to local and global cultural goals.

Students must complete the general core requirements (15 credit hours) and concentration-specific requirements (21 credit hours) to complete this 36 credit graduate degree. Students may choose between a concentration in Islamic Worldviews and a student-crafted concentration in Abrahamic Worldviews.... [-]


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