Accredited for 30 years

Thirty years ago, the HCOB became one of the few accredited business schools in the country. Today we are one of only four accredited business schools in Minnesota and one of 443 nationally.

With 75 terminally qualified faculties, 10 business majors, an MBA program, study-abroad opportunities and a world-class library, we offer students a contemporary business education in a small, student-friendly environment.

Renovation to revitalize HCOB

Centennial Hall is the new home for the G.R. Herberger College of Business. The new facility enhances the HCOB's ability to educate students and serve the business community.

Key features

  • Supports the focus on students
  • Provides professional facilities
  • Includes multi-functional classrooms for traditional presentations and breakout sessions
  • WiFi (wireless) capable


In 1938, the St. Cloud Teacher's College created a business office and office administration department staffed by two faculty members. By 1948, the program evolved into a business administration program that employed six business faculty. During the 1960's, the department evolved into a College with an MBA and internship program.

In 1976, with five departments and 42 full-time faculties, the college earned AACSB accreditation, distinguishing itself from other business colleges as providing a quality business educational experience comparable to ivy league institutions.

In 1999, the Herberger family endowed the College and it was renamed the G.R. Herberger College of Business.


We are a college of business in a comprehensive Minnesota university that serves primarily this state, functions as a regional university for the upper Midwest, and attracts students from other states and nations. Our mission is to develop and deliver a quality undergraduate business education through the collaborative efforts of an involved community of students, faculty, staff, business professionals, and other stakeholders. While fostering a respectful environment, we focus on student learning of content and competencies, promote and sustain a commitment to scholarly activity, and contribute the educational and economic vitality of those we serve.

In fulfilling this mission, the College will be guided by the following objectives:

  • Focusing on academic excellence to maintain AACSB International accreditation
  • Placing the student first in everything we do
  • Fostering a respectful environment for all members of our community
  • Integrating technology to enhance teaching/learning and administrative processes
  • Contributing to the educational and economic vitality of Minnesota and beyond

VisionThe G.R. Herberger College of Business exists to inspire and prepare global business leaders who will improve society through their knowledge and entrepreneurship.

Values and Strategic Goals

The Strategic Plan of the HCOB is based upon a foundation of the following core values: academic excellence, with students as our primary focus; collegiality; enjoyment, fulfillment, and fun; honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior; and respect for individuals.

This school also offers:


G. R. Herberger College of Business, Saint Cloud State University

The SCSU Maple Grove MBA targets working groups to facilitate work and school scheduling and provides students with a high-valued and unique curriculum. ... [+]

The Program

The SCSU Maple Grove MBA program is targeted to meet the needs of people working full-time in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Cohort groups of 20-25 students take a series of eleven courses. Nine of the courses are eight weeks long, and two are of sixteen-week duration. Classes meet once a week in the evenings. To facilitate work and school schedules, we usually provide class meeting dates for the whole program even before the program begins. The program can be completed in 26 months.

The high value of our Maple Grove MBA program is built upon the following features:

AACSB International accreditation. More about AACSB. A hands-on curriculum that uniquely combines classroom learning with real-world applications A distinguished faculty with Ph.D., D.B.A. or J.D. degrees from the nation's leading graduate schools An innovative schedule that permits part-time students to earn an AACSB-accredited MBA in 26-months while attending class one night a week A "cohort" model, where small classes of 20-25 students earn their degree together ... [-]
USA Maple Grove St. Cloud
September 2019
26 months