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Reaching for new heights with a global perspective

In today’s economy, your interest in business has a global reach, whether it comes with a desire to be an entrepreneur or ascend the corporate ladder. At Fontbonne, we are here to ensure you are prepared for success, no matter which direction your career path leads. Fontbonne University’s Eckelkamp College of Global Business and Professional Studies boasts more than a dozen different degree options, including undergraduate and graduate programs, along with evening and online options, that provide students with opportunities for growth, learning and success — all with a broad worldview.

We understand the impact that business has on all aspects of global society, from St. Louis to Singapore. That’s why we maintain an international focus throughout all of our business programs and curriculum. From respected professors to working professionals in a variety of business disciplines, you’ll find that our faculty will recognize your potential and push for your success. And they know that each student learns in a unique way, whether he or she is a traditional college student or an adult learner with extensive real-world experience.


Your success in the classroom and the boardroom is the primary focus of our program. Our flexible curriculum and highly respected, real-world experienced faculty enables you to define that success in ways that support your career aspirations.

The mission of the Eckelkamp College of Global Business and Professional Studies at Fontbonne University is to provide academically sound business programs that are responsive to current and future business needs. The college strives to create a supportive environment providing individualized attention to a diverse student population.

Consistent with the life-long learning goals of Fontbonne University, our programs are designed to ensure each student graduates with the ability to think critically, act ethically and assume responsibility as citizens and leaders. The college also works to provide students with facts, theories and practical skills, enabling them to hold responsible managerial and administrative positions in general business, industry and nonprofit organizations.


The vision of the Eckelkamp College of Global Business and Professional Studies is to be recognized for educating articulate, analytical thinkers charged with seeking ethical and socially responsible solutions to serve a dynamic business world in need.


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