Donald L. Harrison College of Business, Southeast Missouri State University


The Donald L. Harrison College of Business at Southeast Missouri State University aspires to attract, retain and develop students who have the intellectual capacity and personal skills to succeed in their academic, personal and professional endeavors. Paramount in this is the promotion of diversity and cross-cultural sensitivity. The faculty is committed to supporting student success through excellent instruction, student advising and career counseling, internship development, the encouragement of co-curricular activities and student placement.


The Donald L. Harrison College of Business provides contemporary business studies designed to meet the educational and professional needs in southeast Missouri, while attracting students nationally and internationally. The faculty is committed to providing business studies today that will support tomorrow's business successes; that is, to promoting a curriculum that extends into the future while taking advantage of established concepts and best business practices today.

Undergraduate students further develop the skills and attributes demanded by the business community by completing the nationally recognized University Studies program. Graduate students are provided the opportunity to further develop their knowledge base, management related skills and personal attributes so they may advance professionally and provide executive leadership to their organization. As part of the teaching/learning process, the college applies the faculty's expertise and the enthusiasm of its students, in conjunction with the work of its service units, to improving the business and economic climate of Southeast Missouri.


The vision embraced by the Harrison College of Business is ambitious. We are establishing the best undergraduate business program in the state of Missouri, thus becoming the campus of choice among students wishing to pursue business studies at a medium-sized university that focuses on student learning and student success. The “best” encompasses multiple dimensions including a top flight faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, superior support services, highly professional staff, a relevant curriculum that connects theory with practice, and a personal environment that passionately engages students.

Through the accomplishments of its students and faculty members, and with a commitment to continuous improvement and excellence, the faculty sees the Donald L. Harrison College of Business becoming the college that sets the example for the campus and other colleges of business with similar missions. As a result of its academic growth and development, the faculty foresees a stronger college identity enhanced by local, regional, national and international linkages, which benefit students, faculty and the University's larger community. The stronger college identity that emerges from the accomplishments of the members of the business faculty and business students will affirm the high quality of the college's programs.


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