Clemson University College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences


Our Mission

Our mission in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences is to create future graduates who can be productive in a global economy. Because today’s global citizen is expected to have experience beyond his or her primary discipline, our academic structure encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration. Engineering, computing and applied sciences represent independent degree programs that stand united in contributing to the overall success of the college. In addition, we provide a number of experiential learning opportunities that require students to transfer academic knowledge and experience from the classroom to real-world work environments.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create engineers and scientists who are critical thinkers entrepreneurs and innovators who understand the social and business implications of their work. When attracting new and retaining existing talent, we should seek out individuals who are able to communicate their ideas coherently and work effectively in teams. Above all, the college provides leadership that works toward solving society’s big problems

The Journey of a Lifetime

Clemson University knows that preparing students for a career in the 21st century means providing much more than specialized technical knowledge. Engineers and scientists must also understand the social and business implications of their work, and they must be able to communicate their ideas to a wide range of people, work effectively in teams and, above all, be willing and able to provide leadership in solving society’s problems.

In the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences (CECAS), development of communication skills is a large part of all classes, and our emphasis on teamwork and collaboration begins freshman year.

Inspired by Thomas Green Clemson’s dream to create a “high seminary of learning to benefit the agricultural and mechanical arts,” engineering and sciences have been an integral part of the University’s development. Since the first degrees were granted in 1896, Clemson engineers and scientists have made significant contributions to South Carolina, the nation, and the world.



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