The CASA | Culinary Apprenticeship School of the Arts presents you, the aspiring chef, with an alternative choice in culinary education. We're the school that places you in a restaurant or hotel kitchen, in a location near you, as an apprentice (extern), working under a master chef.

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- One-on-one training - Learn inside a real restaurant - 100 percent on-the-job instruction - $10,500 Tuition Using our tried and tested apprenticeship (externship) method, we match you with a professional chef who will take you through our structured course curriculum and teach you everything you need to know for a rewarding career in the culinary arts. From learning what it takes to prepare exciting dishes to how to appeal to people’s palates, the Culinary Apprenticeship School of the Arts demonstrates that creating a memorable dining experience is the spirit of a successful culinary education. Many years before people went to schools to become a chef, they learned in the kitchen by apprenticing themselves to a professional chef. We have belief in this tried and true tradition wholeheartedly. Culinary Apprenticeship School of the Arts places you right in the heat of the action, in an upscale restaurant, hotel kitchen or catering company, where you will learn recipes, techniques, and preparation from people who are actually making a living today from a real restaurant. They believe one of the best ways to learn the culinary arts is on-the-job–and because of our extensive restaurant connections, they are willing to let our students apprentice (extern) in their galleys. The best way to get hired is already on the inside. That’s exactly where we place you from day one. We offer an all-inclusive apprenticeship (externship) program, which has been precisely designed to assist the student in expanding their food industry knowledge base and culinary skill set. while also enabling them to build high-quality professional connections that can lead to placement and better career-building opportunities. Culinary Apprenticeship School of the Arts curriculum has been designed to produce quality chefs who are well-situated to go on to have thriving culinary careers. Regardless of your initial skill level, the Culinary Apprenticeship School of the Arts will assist you in pursuing a career in the culinary arts. Whether you are a currently employed food service industry professional, a homegrown cook or a novice we have avenues to assist you in achieving your goals. The Culinary Apprenticeship School of the Arts operates on a simple mentor/apprentice approach. We pair you with a professional chef who takes you inside his or her kitchen and teaches you precisely how the real world food industry works. No classrooms, no old-fashioned, useless lessons. Instead, you’re learning your craft straight from the individuals who make impressive first-class cuisine for a living. Unlike other traditional culinary institutes, you’ll not only be learning the art of cooking and the ways of a professional kitchen, you’ll also have the opportunity of showing what you can do to the same people who can help you advance your career. By apprenticing, you will be continuously reaffirming your passion for food and your drive to do well. The connections you make during your apprenticeship (externship) are what can lead to work in a field where knowing the right people gets you in better than any pricey degree ever can. The Culinary Apprenticeship School of the Arts offers a unique curriculum that not only assists you in bump-starting your career but teaches you from within the unique environment of a professional kitchen.


Are you considering relocating so you can attend a culinary school or college culinary arts program? Are you finding the tuitions expensive? You do not have to get drowned in debt to make your goal of being a chef or working in the restaurant industry a reality. The restaurant industry is skills and experience based. The truth is, expensive degrees in this line of business are not what gets you work. What they want to know is: Can you cook? Have you done this before? Are you creative? This industry is a lot more similar to Hollywood than you might think. It’s all about who you know and, more importantly, who knows you. It is essential for you to make connections and to always be courteous to everyone you meet and to work extremely hard. You’ve got to show up ready and willing to do your best each and every day. Because that’s what it takes to succeed and you never know who is watching. Getting into a professional kitchen with Culinary Apprentice School of the Arts gets you what you most need: access. With this totally intense culinary arts program you’re in the door on day one, where you can get the connections, real-world skills and knowhow it takes to make it. Making the most of this very unique, very real opportunity is up to you. At this point, you may be asking yourself where our school is located. Thanks to our immersive, hands-on structure Culinary Apprenticeship School of the Arts is EVERYWHERE with mentors in nearly every city throughout the United States. You must already have the right to live and work in the United States. This course does not qualify for an international student visa. We get you in a professional kitchen on day one for six months of curriculum-backed training under the instruction of a professional chef. It’s your job to make the very most of it. Can you stand the heat? The Culinary Apprenticeship School of the Arts was recently invited to The Larry King program to talk about how our apprenticeship (externship) program is making a difference by connecting our students and getting them hired. Compare our Tuition

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