Boutique Universities Consortium


The Consortium of Boutique Universities helps students achieve economic and social progress through a student-centric approach to education. Our small colleges allow us to offer exceptional, personalized and flexible student services as well as a quality education at an affordable price.

United States University

On-Campus, Online, and Blended Options

  • Achieving Success Through Student-Centered Education
  • Regionally accredited
  • Located in San Diego, California
  • Diverse student body

United States University is located in the southwestern corner of the United States: beautiful San Diego, California. San Diego’s beautiful beaches and international culture attract visitors from around the world. San Diego is rated as one of the most desirable U.S. cities based on weather, recreation, business, and cultural opportunities. At the regionally accredited United States University, we pride ourselves on the principles of a student-centered education; an education in which the entire university community is dedicated to the success of each and every student. We demonstrate this dedication through small class sizes that ensure no student is left behind, affordable tuition rates that make education accessible to people of all classes and nationalities, and a diverse student body that promotes inclusiveness and understanding in the classroom, community, and world.

University of the Potomac

On-Campus, Online, and Blended Options We Guide You to Your Future. We Celebrate Your Success.

  • Regionally accredited
  • Locations in Washington D.C. and Vienna, Virginia
  • Flexible for students with all schedules

The University of Potomac offers a vibrant multicultural atmosphere. It is located in the heart of the US capital, Washington, D.C.; also home to the headquarters of many leading organizations, non- profit organizations, international organizations, and embassies from across the globe. Students may attend University classes in Washington DC, Virginia or online. The University of the Potomac has many advantages for students with busy lives. Regardless of your scheduling demands, University of the Potomac partners with each student to provide the tools and resources for a personalized educational experience that meets your needs.

London College of International Business Studies

  • Located in heart of central London, England
  • Application, experience, and internships available
  • International campus with global experience

The London College of International Business Studies (LCIBS) is a private college situated in the heart of central London. LCIBS has created an environment where a student can gain both a practical and analytical knowledge of their chosen subject as well as being part of a truly global environment. We have programmes that cover business, healthcare management, accounting/finance, marketing, public relations and sports management. What sets LCIBS apart from any other HE college is how public policy and ethics underpin all our programmes.


On-Campus, Online, and Blended Options

  • Internationally accredited
  • Located in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland - a business capital of the world
  • Exclusive global opportunities

UBIS is located in the very heart of Geneva, Switzerland, arguably one of the most influential capitals of the world. UBIS gives you the choice of physically studying in Geneva— the vibrant, global business capital—or to study online. UBIS University offers Bachelors and Master degrees in Business Administration and International Relations. UBIS currently enrolls students from about 40 different countries and is an active partner of more than 35 cooperation programs in many other countries. Those dynamics create exclusive degrees and opportunities uniquely tailored to address the requirements of businesses and organizations for a globalized career.


USA Online

USA Online, USA

Switzerland Online

Switzerland Online, Switzerland

San Diego

United States University
830 Bay Blvd, Chula Vista

91911 San Diego, California, USA


University of the Potomac
1401 H St NW #100

20005 Washington, District of Columbia, USA


London College Of International Business Studies
14 Southampton Place

WC1A 2AJ London, England, United Kingdom


UBIS University of Business and International Studies
Avenue Blanc 46

1202 Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

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