International Peace and Conflict Resolution

Master of Arts Program

Be a Part of the Solution.

Graduate Program Deatils

The IPCR Program takes an interdisciplinary approach to the critical study of peace and conflict resolution. The IPCR program is hands-on and oriented towards those who want to make positive social change locally and internationally.

Gain International Experience

As part of the degree, students complete applied fieldwork in Cyprus and internships with entities such as Heifer International (Sierra Leone), Home for Cooperation (Cyprus), The Peace Center (Pennsylvania), Nationalities Service Center (Pennsylvania), The Carter Center (Washington D.C.), and The International Peace and Security Institute (Washington D.C.).

Pursue a Dual Degree

Arcadia also offers three dual degrees in International Peace and Conflict Resolution with Public Health, International Relations and Diplomacy, and Counseling. These multidisciplinary programs allow you to broaden your professional skills and expand your career options. Use knowledge of public health program development, implementation, and evaluation to assist in conflict resolution. Pursue a career in government or international organizations through additional study of international relations and diplomacy (at our partner univresity, The American Graduate School in Paris). Focus your study on planning and implementation of programs that facilitate psychological recovery from violence and natural disasters with a concentration in Trauma through the Counseling program.

Careers in Conflict Resolution

A master's degree in conflict resolution makes you competitive for jobs in every sector: public, private, and not-for-profit. Peace and conflict resolution jobs are growing at an average or faster-than-average rate according to the U.S. Department of Labor, and those with IPCR degrees are well-suited for careers in education, business, government, development, or health fields. More than half of our alumni work in nongovernmental organizations, while others work in government, education-related fields, or the private sector. IPCR faculty, staff, and alumni work together to help you successfully navigate professional placement and career development.

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Arcadia University Department of Historical and Political Studies

Be a Part of the Solution. ... [+]

Be a Part of the Solution.

Learn Global and Local Peace Building

Our three-semester*, cohort-based Master's program will train you to be a skilled practitioner who is able to develop innovative approaches to global and local peacebuilding and development. You will be well-prepared for careers in the nonprofit/nongovernmental organization sector, as well as in other public, private, and academic fields.

Through project-based learning, global fieldwork, and internships, you will develop practical, operational skills in peace and conflict resolution and international development. In your classes, you will work with interdisciplinary faculty scholars to understand the social, political, historical, and economic contexts in which peace and conflict are produced.... [-]

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3 - 6 semesters