National Taiwan University International College


NTUIC incorporates NTU’s strengths in several leading subjects to provide English-taught interdisciplinary programs that suit global needs and keep up with international trends.

Based on the idea of creating programs of multi-nation and multi-schools, NTUIC constructs a borderless campus of educational innovation to help students learn from and link to the world. NTUIC also brings in globally outstanding professors and courses while sharing NTU’s top-notch educational resources with the world. Taiwan’s cutting-edge academic strengths can thus become cross-cultural fertile soil for global talents.

NTUIC also brings together departments that provide English-taught courses to enhance NTU’s abilities in higher education and Taiwan’s advantages, thus creating global impacts.

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Vision and Mission

The founding of the International College of National Taiwan University (NTUIC) marks a milestone in NTU’s promotion of international education.

NTUIC centers on the concept of three “BOTHs”, which are

  • Bring Other Talents Here
  • Bring Our Talents Homes
  • Be Outstanding. Think Humanity

The last BOTH will be achieved through the creation of a high-quality open learning environment in which students seek excellence while bearing humanity in mind, building up a strong mentality and global vision.

What We Do

NTUIC will be a “global integration platform” and “coordinator” at NTU, dedicating to the creation of a globalized learning environment for every department.

NTUIC will gradually roll out English-taught master programs in areas including global agriculture technology and genomic science, disaster prevention and damage reduction, and smart medicine and digital healthcare on the concepts of humanity, transnational mutual aid, and achievement of excellence.

The programs will open up NTU’s campus to students worldwide. NTUIC can thus dedicate Taiwan’s outstanding R&D as well as academic capabilities to the world. At the same time, the programs aim to retain talents in Taiwan by integrating NTU’s world-renowned academic strengths. One example of the programs is the Master Program in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science, which will start accepting applications from international students in 2019.

With the integration of NTU’s academic strengths, NTUIC not only shoulders the responsibility to promote interdisciplinary R&D and teaching but also plays an important role in marketing Taiwan and NTU to the world.



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