Swiss Management Center (SMC)


SMC (Swiss Management Center) is an accredited university with students from over 80 countries, offering flexible distance learning programs to working professionals. SMC's Online MBA & DBA are benchmarks in distance education.

The increasingly complex working environment requires managers to consider a universe of aspects in their decision making processes. This proposition is strengthened by economic necessities, legislation requirements, and the politically charged and unpredictable socio-economic environment. The number of factors influencing management decisions is constantly growing, as new economic challenges arise. For example environmental considerations are on the agenda of managers only since a couple of years. Hence, tasks and responsibilities are distributed among managers. This leads to conflicts in cross-functional decision processes. Only very few "functional experts" manage their business according to the "big picture". Many do not even have an idea of the holistic goal and the broader effects of their actions.

In order to address these issues, Swiss Management Center has developed dynamic and innovative BBA, MBA, Executive MBA, and DBA programs which can be followed either full-time in Switzerland, or part-time via distance learning. Our truly inclusive and comprehensive curricula delivered through innovative teaching methodologies, supply management on all levels with the necessary knowledge to meet the global challenges and handle social phenomena of an accelerating complex nature.

Swiss Management Center is commited to the highest quality education which is pragmatic, dynamic, and flexible in its approach. This vision has made SMC's Online MBA and Online DBA one of the leading distance learning programs worldwide. The latest release of SMC's online learning system has put Distance Learning at a new level of quality in content delivery. Amongst the many features, students receive interactive online books for every subject, a platform that they can customize to their own needs, full access to a database with over 1 million articles and research papers, video materials, a large pool of online exercises and cases for the enhancement of their skills, and live update services of the New York Times, the Financial Times, and Time magazine.

Swiss Management Center recognizes the role of education and the importance of social responsibility that each individual should possess in the digital age and division of wealth. Our Scholarship Fund is open to contribute to those of who are in need for assistance and support, as we are convinced that your contribution will have an impact to the future.

Mission Statement

To become a global benchmark in online and on-site education as well as Switzerland's most progressive adult learning center through the provision of unsurpassed academic excellence and relevance.