University of Skövde


With a good background you can have a brilliant future. The University of Skövde can give you both. The University of Skövde offers first-class programs and competitive research which attract research scientists and students from all over the world.

Courses and programmes

The University of Skövde has about 11 000 students (about 4 400 full year students) and offers almost 700 single subject courses and some 50 degree courses. We have around 10 international masters’ programmes and nearly 100 single courses given in English. We offer Swedish for foreign students and an introductiomapn course to swedish society and culture. The University of Skövde has five Schools: - The School of Bioscience - The School of Business - The School of Health and Education - The School of Engineering Science - The School of Informatics

Partner universities

The University of Skövde has 80 partner universities in 30 countries. Our university operates exchange programmes based on agreements whereby students can study without paying any tuition fees and they are insured through the University. We also welcome free movers, who come on their own to study single courses or programs on undergraduate or postgraduate level.


Whether you are a student, a teacher or if you want to collaborate with us in another way we want to welcome you to our university and we hope that together we can contribute to a better and more internationalized study environment.

Postgraduate Studies

University of Skövde offers a wide range of postgraduate studies / international masters programmes taught in English. Academic areas covered are Medicine, Computer Science, Engineering and Technology, and Natural Sciences.


The programmes are either one or two year masters. They are designed and open for application for students with a Bachelor degree or equivalent academic background and a good command of English. The University of Skövde do not consider applications from students without a full Bachelor, that is - the degree certificate must be submitted with the application.

Necessary is also proof of English. Accepted tests are IELTS or TOEFL.

This school offers programs in:
  • English