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The University of La Laguna has exerted an important function of educational, scientific and cultural leadership in the Canary Islands during its two centuries of history, boosting the progress of our community and contributing decisively to its modernization. In accordance with this tradition, the University of La Laguna establishes as its main social mission, to contribute to the welfare of the citizens of the Canary Islands, guaranteeing them a quality higher education, promoting economic development through high level scientific and technical research and disseminating the culture , scientific knowledge and the arts throughout the Archipelago through its activities of university extension. To develop its social mission, the University of La Laguna establishes as basic principles of action of all its members: the desire for renewal, scientific and professional rigor, honest and responsible commitment to one's work and the defense of tolerance and critical spirit. Therefore, it is committed to transmit these values ​​and assumes as a primary task the integral formation of its students as critical, caring and enterprising individuals, and as committed members with the future of their community and of Humanity. As an institution that produces public goods in its social environment, the University of La Laguna wants society and institutions to perceive the quality of their services as concrete realities, whose efficiency can be demonstrated by comparing them with other institutions and universities in their environment. Therefore, it assumes the accountability of its management and the certification of the quality of its services as a permanent standard of behavior. In order to take advantage of the Canary Islands as a platform for intercultural dialogue, the University of La Laguna defines as the strategic goal of the next ten years to become the European University of the Atlantic , an institution of open teaching and research, which is destiny preferred by students and researchers from across the Canary Islands and the Atlantic area, while it aims to achieve a high degree of insertion of its members in the most prestigious networks of scientific and educational exchange.


Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Calle Heraclio Sánchez, 43,
San Cristóbal de La Laguna

38204 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

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