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UDIMA, a university without distances "The UDIMA intended to be a university without distances, in which learning by doing prove the primary factor that endows all our students the precise skills to undertake and ensure their employability." The Open University of Madrid ( UDIMA) is an official institution of superior, innovative, open and flexible teaching.

As next educational institution, its methodology is based on a system of virtual education within the framework of the European Higher Education Area and in information technology for the transmission of knowledge, through a system of continuous evaluation and a technological-tools pedagogical allowing us to develop an active methodology for 'learning by doing'.

Thus, the strategic axes of those reported in the following pages are erected in the defining tool framework of actions of our University, aimed straight, not only to improve the results of all processes, but also to establishment of shared objectives able to guide our efforts in the medium and long term.

In that challenge and collective effort a common desire plasma: feel like own the yearnings of our students when faced with teaching materials (printed, audiovisual or digital) in your home, in your office, perhaps attending to his family, and require escort tutor who solves them questions, motivates them and stimulates, facilitates sources and supports them in times when they sense that the company that have undertaken -compatibilizar their personal and professional life with the Academician challenge and overcome them becomes inaccessible.

Our aim is simply to provide excellent service to our students, trying to understand reality in all its dimensions and enlarge the frontiers of knowledge, without forgetting that the most decisive factors of higher education residing in light the flame of learning, providing models and build lasting ties in a continuous training process that no longer meet end in this new global context.

J. Andrés Sánchez Pedroche Rector

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Universidad a Distancia de Madrid

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