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The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is a public institution of reference in the Spanish and international university context. To the recognition for its high-quality researcher joins its entrepreneurial capacity, its permanent search for teaching excellence as well as its outstanding social commitment. Its international projection is enhanced by numerous exchange and training programs with universities around the world, involving students, teachers, and non-teaching staff.

10 reasons to study at the UAM

Why study at the UAM?

  1. It is a modern university, interested in the integral formation of its students and recognized internationally, being framed within the group of the 200 best universities in the world.
  2. Is concerned about the environment and proud of its work to achieve an environmentally sustainable campus.
  3. It is the Spanish university of reference from the standpoint researcher and has on its campus various university research institutes and others in collaboration with the Higher Council for Scientific Research.
  4. Pioneering in the work of solidarity action and cooperation, work with NGOs, etc.
  5. The graduates of the UAM have a high level of employment, 90% of those who have sought a job have graduated, and in an average time of 4 ½ months. It has an Employment Forum and in this time it has become the University Employment Forum with more companies and participating institutions.
  6. It is an enterprising university in many aspects and one of the most important is one of the creations of companies. It is the pioneering Spanish university in this respect, it has the Center for Entrepreneurial Initiatives CIADE-UAM to help in the creation of companies and since its foundation, it has been involved in the creation of more than 170 companies.
  7. It has international exchange relations with the best universities in the world, for example in the ERASMUS exchange program with universities in Europe, more than 1000 students of the Autonomous University enjoy academic stays. There are also privileged relationships with various Latin American universities.
  8. Concerned by the society to which it belongs, it maintains strong relations of collaboration with City Councils, Institutions, and Companies, for which it has subscribed numerous agreements and framework agreements of collaboration.
  9. It has numerous cultural activities, including summer courses and contemporary humanities. It owns a cycle of concerts organized by universities oldest and prestigious and that takes place every year in the National Auditorium of Music.
  10. It has multiple sports facilities, including indoor and outdoor pools. The Autonomous University organizes diverse internal and interuniversity competitions and its students are university champions in diverse disciplines. The UAM is part of the program of High-Level Sportsmen financed by the Higher Council of Sports.
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Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco

Madrid, Community of Madrid, 28049 ES