Technical University of Madrid (UPM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)


The Technical University of Madrid (UPM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) is the oldest and largest of the Spanish Technical Universities. UPM is made up of 21 Schools dealing with different areas of technology. It offers 3 and 5/6 years degree-programmes, covering all engineering areas and architecture. UPM gives high importance to international education in the belief that future peace and prosperity depend on the ability of people to integrate and work in a multi-cultural environment. As a result, UPM has international student exchanges with over 400 universities and higher education centres in Europe and other parts. UPM is an active member of numerous international associations of universities and centres of higher education.

The Technical University of Madrid (UPM) celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1996, although the majority of its centres are over hundreds of years old and were founded in the 18th and 19th centuries. Each of them maintained its independence until being grouped together to form the UPM. It is no exaggeration to state that over one and a half centuries great part of the history of Spanish technology has been written by the Schools of Architecture and Engineering. They have been during a lot of years nearly the only and in some cases actually the only schools. All of the important personalities in the area of teaching and research passed through the respective centres as students or lecturers.



Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
C/Pastor, n. 3

28003 Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain


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