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SEAS is the online training center of the San Valero Group. An educational institution that for more than 60 years, in Zaragoza, has trained professionals in technical skills and values, through a close and individualized treatment.

Since 2003, and with the same values, SEAS offers, in online mode, training at different levels (masters, experts and specialized courses) aimed at the industry and the company, in disciplines such as automation, mechanical design, production, computing or renewable energies. , among others, completing a catalog of more than 250 programs.

We work with Campus SEAS methodology , synonymous with quality online training, where:

  • The student is the protagonist of his training.
  • Tutors, coordinators and teachers work to meet the objectives of our students, through close and personalized attention.
  • We have teachers specialized in online training, who combine teaching with their own professional activity.
  • The student studies through his own virtual campus, which has numerous resources, adapting to the needs of each subject, and which allows to optimize the study time.
  • We put at the service of the student our more than 14 years of experience in online mode, in different academic disciplines.
  • The student has an Alumni community, already formed by more than 60,000 students.


  • We offer official degrees from the University of Wales and Own Degrees of the UCAV and San Jorge University.
  • Our programs are oriented to the business reality, based on the philosophy of learning by doing, and are evaluated through practical cases.
  • We adapt to the student's time availability, with an individualized planning system.
  • We guarantee internships in companies and we have an employment exchange.
  • Most of our programs can be rewarded through the Tripartite Foundation.
  • We keep the notes updated through our Alumni program.

Mission, vision and values

SEAS aims to be a recognized center for online training among students.

We intend that in Campus SEAS all students, the community that makes it up, are the real protagonists of their training , and that it serves to create professionals recognized in companies and that favors their professional and personal development.

We could highlight as our values:

  • An excellent attention to the student.
  • The use of the best study and learning material.
  • The professional and teaching experience of our faculty.
  • Our collaboration agreements with companies from different sectors.
  • University quality assurance of studies.
  • The illusion and commitment of the team.
  • The use of an open methodology, supported by new technologies.
The commitment of SEAS is to design and deliver training programs of excellent quality, through the elearning methodology, with a single objective: the success of all its students .

The center of our methodology is the student: constant monitoring and personalized attention guarantee a good preparation to put into practice in the labor market immediately.

The SEAS teachers guide the students and accompany them during their study. Teachers, tutors and coordinators watch over the good development of the course and the subjects taught.

This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish

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