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We are an Official School in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) since 1987. Our catalog covers the most requested courses by companies, under the application of three training systems to choose from by our students:

  • Group training (face-to-face or telepresential)
  • Personalized training (tailored to the student)
  • INCOMPANY training (customized to the company)

Our teachers, professors and tutors have the appropriate degree and certified preparation by the companies that own the software with which we have collaboration agreements as a Partner. Our courses in many cases are completed with modules of internships that can be paid or not depending on the type of course followed and the duration of them and the agreements with our companies.

All our courses designed and audited from our headquarters in A Coruña follow the ISO 9001: 2008 standard to guarantee the excellence of the training processes and the quality of our telepresential open training model, both in a synchronous way (virtual group classroom) and asynchronous (individualized tutorials about content).

We provide our students with specific modules so that they can obtain Certification as a professional associated with different information and communication technologies: Cisco Systems, Oracle, Microsoft, Linux, SAP, Adobe, Savia Amadeus, etc.

The student requests and performs a call for examination in a specific ICT and by overcoming it we register it in the International Identification Register (IDE) that accredits it globally in this technology before any public or private body. The student from there can be accredited as the Official Technician of the company, use the official logos of the brand and obtain the benefits of distribution of software and materials that this has marked for its professionals.


A Coruña

Rua Enrique Dequidt Hevia,10
15005 A Coruña, Galicia, Spain

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