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Why Study at MIUC?

Marbella International University Centre is a global academic institution providing a new kind of learning experience based on an advanced curriculum, cutting-edge technology and a unique living environment. MIUC takes pride in its dynamic Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes, which combine interactive teaching practices with state of the art facilities and personalised student services.

Located in the heart of the Spanish port city of Marbella, MIUC is committed to the development of new generations of leaders in Business, Politics, Media and Advertising.

We offer Bologna accredited BA and MA programmes with a strong focus on global aspects of knowledge, skills and competences tailored for the modern age. All our degree programmes are taught in English, to ensure the students’ future success in the increasingly competitive international job market. As of academic year 2016/17, MIUC will have an opportunity to earn a British degree as MIUC courses will be validated by the University of West London, UK public university, named as the No. 1 modern university in London for graduate employment.

Academic Programmes Overview

Marbella International University Centre provides higher education for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, in four major areas:

  • International Business
  • Marketing and Advertising: Communications and PR
  • International Relations
  • Media and Journalism

A student-centred approach at MIUC combines small study groups with bespoke production facilities, ensuring our students are provided with the specific skill sets required to advance in today’s global world of international affairs, business and media. The development and implementation of practical analytical thinking is given special prominence, with students being prepared for future placements within international multicultural industries.

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Combination of advanced teaching methods and cutting-edge technology in class ensures our students come out of MIUC as individuals taking responsibility, confident in making their own decisions and above all, capable of turning their dreams into reality.

Our programmes are taught by successful academics and industry professionals who divide their time between vigorous research and innovative business practice. A modern, tech-savvy approach in class is complemented by specialised workshops run by senior business leaders and influential political actors. We also offer advanced business training for mid and senior level managers to boost your performance as a leader and give you the drive, ambition and knowledge to succeed in business today.

Personalised guidance and mentoring from professors dedicated to the student´s personal growth and professional development

Each student is assigned a Personal Tutor upon enrolment who will be available for private tutorials to reflect on the student’s overall progress, make plans to further develop and strengthen weaker areas. Additionally, academic Support Classes that are designed to fine-tune the necessary skills for academic success such as Research Methods, How to Write an A+ Analysis and Public Speaking among others. MIUC Faculty provides students with a unique combination of academic theory and proven practice ensuring each graduate is equipped with skills that last a lifetime.

A Global Network

Agreements set-up with partnering universities offer students the opportunity to spend one or more semesters in such internationally renowned institutions as the IPAG Business School (Paris, France), Teikyo University (Tokyo, Japan) and Singidunum University (Belgrade, Serbia). Find out more about our Partner Universities.


Complimentary iPad for every student

All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and cameras that record image and audio of all lectures. These recordings, as well as the lecture slides that go through the interactive whiteboard are uploaded to Blackboard, a virtual learning environment and course management system that is pre-installed in the complimentary iPad each student receives upon enrolment. Blackboard’s main features include student chat, student-teacher discussion threads, course contents, grade access and online assignment submission allowing students and faculty to easily share thoughts, questions, ideas and knowledge

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This school offers programs in:
  • English

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This school also offers:


MA in Marketing and Advertising: Communications & PR

Campus Full time 1 year October 2017 Spain Málaga

Develop effective marketing, brand, advertising and PR knowledge and enhance your future career in these fields. [+]

Develop effective marketing, brand, advertising and PR knowledge and enhance your future career in these fields. Duration: 1 year Language: English Programme Title: Marketing & Advertising: Communications & PR Degree Awarded: MA Communications The programme aims to create educated professionals who are able to think critically and know how to efficiently investigate, verify and market information, products and services and who are creative experts in the fields of Marketing, Advertising and Communications. Key Disciplines Covered: Communication Strategy Digital Marketing and Advertising Market Research Advertising on Internet Search Engines The main purpose of this MA programme is to provide its students with a meaningful, high quality and contemporary education based on the acquisition of theoretical knowledge that is applied to practical examples, giving students the chance to either enhance their current career or to take the next academic step in their studies after finalising a BA in order to increase their employability. These professionals will be able to adapt to an ever-changing market, identifying needs and providing tangible solutions through marketing, branding and advertising products and services. Career Opportunities Upon completion of the Marketing & Advertising MA, graduates will be skilled, creative, problem solving, decision-making professionals able to pursue careers in the following fields: PR & Communications Press Management Marketing Management Digital Marketing Product and Brand Management Campaign coordination Advertising Lecturer Entry Requirements Rolling Admission - We receive and process applications on an ongoing basis as they are sent in. Entry Requirements: 4 Year Bachelor Degree* or equivalent from a national... [-]

MA International Business Management

Campus Full time 1 year October 2017 Spain Málaga

Develop an in depth knowledge of business. Learn how to think and work like an international manager. [+]

Develop an in depth knowledge of business. Learn how to think and work like an international manager. Duration: 1 year Language: English Programme Title: International Business Management Degree Awarded: MA Management - International Business The ever-changing globalised world we live in has created a series of issues and challenges for businesses worldwide, impacting our economy as a whole. This, however, has also opened the door to opportunities for development. Key Disciplines Covered: Social Research Methodology Marketing Management Financial Reporting and Business Decision Making Modern Corporate Finance Advanced Auditing Methods This Master programme is designed to create experts in the areas of finance and banking, accounting and auditing, insurance, marketing as well as business management. It equips students with essential skills such as social research, marketing management, financial reporting and decision-making, forming professionals with excellent entrepreneurial and leadership skills who will be valuable assets to any business. For this reason we make sure that our students are able to apply the theoretical knowledge they acquire to practical work in the form of practical projects and assignments where they will have to research, solve complex business issues through specific methods and procedures as well as to interlink knowledge from different fields. These skills will be put to the test in their final Master Thesis. Career Opportunities International Business MA graduates will be skilled, creative, problem solving, decision-making professionals able to pursue careers in the following fields: Accounting and Auditing Finance and Banking Insurance Marketing Management Business Management Entry Requirements Rolling Admission -... [-]

MA International Relations

Campus Full time 1 year October 2017 Spain Málaga

Learn to tackle the issues that global leaders face and go deeper in the study of war, peace and state. [+]

Learn to tackle the issues that global leaders face and go deeper in the study of war, peace and state. Duration: 1 year Language: English Programme Title: International Relations Degree Awarded: MA Political Science The International Relations MA has been designed in an innovative way to provide students with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to critically analyse and interpret the key theoretical debates of post-modern political theories with a special focus on international relations and conflict resolution. Key Disciplines Covered: International Interventions City and Politics: Public space Notion of the Political Biopolitics & Necropolitics Political Advertising & Promotion One of the strongest points of our programme is the discussion of International Relations approaches within a multicultural classroom environment, given the global background of our students. Indeed, some of these debates are currently reproduced in numerous international organisations and negotiations worldwide. MIUC trains the next generation of policy leaders to tackle the complex issues of a globalising world. MIUC International Relations Department presents students with a unique blend of theory and practice tailored to a challenging international and multicultural scenario that often changes faster than our capacity to analyse it. Career Opportunities Upon completion of this International Relations MA, students may pursue a broad range of careers in public and private sectors, international and local non-governmental organisations, think-tanks and institutes as well as in media companies as analysts or reporters on international affairs. More specific careers include, but are not limited to: Researcher International affairs adviser Public affairs officer Conflict... [-]