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Inspirational ideas for people and organizations

The mission of Instituto Pensamiento Positivo is to disseminate and democratize inspiration, knowledge and practical keys for personal and professional development so that people can enjoy more full and meaningful lives.106005_pexels-photo-279470.jpegPixabay / Pexels

So We See The Things, These Are Our Values ​​...

This is what we think about Instituto Pensamiento Positivo . They say that every point of view about the world is only one of the possible ones. This is how we see life.

There is no professional development without personal development

Therefore, in addition to training as professionals we are trained as people. We know that in the 21st century our business will not grow any more than we grow as human beings.

Changing my way of thinking I will change my results

It is the natural order of life: first the change occurs inside, then outside.

If you want to see changes in your life, you must first change your beliefs.

We give generously and we are excellent at receiving

This is one of the most enriching ways that occurs to us of being in the world: keeping the energy in motion constantly.

In life, first is what, then is how

The first thing is to dream, to aim high, to imagine the life we ​​want. Afterwards, when you already know what you want, only afterwards, you ask yourself what do I have to do to get it?

They pay you for solving problems

Our dream is that you incorporate this idea into each of your cells. It does not matter what you do. The only reason why someone pays you, client or boss, is because you help him with something. Concentrate on discovering how you can help other people and your life will be transformed.

Turn your passion into your profession

We believe that this is the true revolution. We dream of a society, and we know it will come, in which human beings develop a profession according to their values ​​and talents because that will change everything.

Success is a result

You can live from responsibility or from victimhood. From the responsibility, every little opportunity is used to make things better and that is what sooner or later generates results.

We believe in people

We believe in you and all the potential you have inside. We know that everyone has a talent to offer to others and we know that you are not an exception.

One hundred percent commitment

This is how we understand life. Either we do it or we do not do it but if we do we put the best of ourselves in it and go to the end. And if it does not come out we start from the beginning again; the rest are movies.


We put our attention only on what is really important. The word focus is fetish. We do not worry about imaginary problems or what does not add value. We detect what is important and put all our energy into it.


We are obsessed by this word. We love what we do. We want to leave a significant mark in this world and we give our best every day to do so.

Steady improvement

We believe in striving to do things better every day in order to provide more value to our team, customers and the whole society. The constant improvement is the love of the business world.


There is no worse mirage than thinking that you have achieved something in your life for yourself. Nothing, absolutely nothing, of what you have would have been possible without the collaboration, love and loyalty of other people. We believe in teams, networks, contacts, informal calls or emails asking for or offering help. We believe that the more you give, the more you have.

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Master of Entrepreneurs

Campus Part time 10 months January 2019 Spain Madrid Barcelona + 1 more

The Master of Entrepreneurs of Instituto Pensamiento Positivo is a program aimed at providing the knowledge with which any entrepreneur or entrepreneur must have to lead their professional and personal life to the next level. [+]

Do you want to develop an entrepreneur project with success?

Finally all you need to be an entrepreneur with free time, good income and developing a meaningful activity in your life.

Most entrepreneurs would like to know the practical keys to achieve success in their project as well as the secrets of great entrepreneurs.

The problem is that they do not have the time or money to access this information.

Nor the ability to know who are the best professionals to learn what they really need.

The Master of Entrepreneurs of Instituto Pensamiento Positivo is a program aimed at providing the knowledge with which any entrepreneur or entrepreneur must have to lead their professional and personal life to the next level.... [-]


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