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Why study Marketing in IM

If you study Digital Marketing, in IM you will multiply your professional training

20 reasons to choose IM:

Qualitative, Pedagogical, Labor, Economic, Technical


I. Study at the largest Digital Business School in the world. More than 150 professors who teach class from our centers, spread across Spain, Ireland, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Colombia, etc; more than 40 programs specialized in Digital Marketing, more than 7000 students from 26 different countries, and an own publishing house with more than 14 published books.

II. Double Degree. The student, once the training program is finished, will obtain a Diploma accredited by the Abat Oliba University and, on a professional level, by IM. International Marketing Institute.

III. We have the ISO 9001: 2008 Certification in quality management, we comply with the UNE 66181 Standard that recognizes our online training quality.

IV. Associates and accredited by the Abat Oliba University, the Cenfotec University of Costa Rica, and we are part of the organizations FEDE (European Federation of Schools), ANCED (National Association of eLearning and Distance Centers) and Adigital (Spanish Association of the Economy Digital), among others.


V. Effective Pedagogy: We flee from filler information, we are effective. Both in the notes, as teachers.

Freedom to organize as you wish, study in the order you want and deliver when you want.

SAW. Faculty. The teacher search process is intense and demanding. We have great Digital Marketing professionals who enjoy transferring their experience. Our teachers make us great.

VII. Full support of teachers: You will have all teachers throughout the training, not only while you study your subject.

VIII. Integral Support Center: We want many IM ambassadors who succeed in the world ahead. We will do everything in our power to make it easy for you to become one. We do not put obstacles

IX. Modality of study. We have three modalities according to the needs of the student: eLearning (100% online), Blended eLearning (face-to-face and online combination) and the Summer School, intensive courses during the months of June and July.

X. We provide 3 different types of classes:

  1. Classes *:
    dynamic classes designed to apply the theoretical knowledge to the most practical terrain.
  2. Virtual classes:
    Online classes focused on solving student doubts in a practical way
  3. Face-to-face masterclasses:
    conferences of highly qualified speakers to publicize the latest developments in digital marketing, which students can attend in Barcelona, or view in deferred through our virtual campus.


XI. Job and Internship More than 40% of our students who do internships end up being hired by companies.

XII. Connection with the sector: the sector needs workers and students need work. We act as a connector to satisfy supply and demand.

XIII. Agreements with large digital companies such as Ebay and currently, in the process of collaboration with Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc ... In addition, we are attached to the Ministry of Spanish Employment within its Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment Strategy project.

XIV. In Company Training. Specialized advice for companies, we help the HR department to choose the best training according to the needs of the employees of your company


XV. Democratization of training. In IM we want everyone to be able to study digital marketing at a high level, that is why we adjust the prices of all our training programs, being the most competitive in the market.

XVI. Free Financing. In IM we offer you the possibility of financing your training with us FREE of charge, without any interest, or, if you want more installments or divide them in time, you can do it with Banc Sabadell, at 0% interest.

XVII. Bonus training for all employees through the Tripartite Foundation. If your company has enough credit, our training is 100% subsidized.

XVIII. ISIC International Card. All our students have the Student International Identity Card, with discounts and exclusive advantages (museums, electronics, stores, trips, etc.) in more than 120 countries.


XIX Facilities. All our classrooms have a computer per student of last generation HP **, digital whiteboards, wide and modern spaces, and a fiber optic wifi network (300 Gb) of high performance with Aruba equipment, the most advanced of the market.

XX. Educational platform. Our virtual campus is tailor made for us and the needs of our students. It is one of the most complete and usable that exist. Available 24 hours a day for all students, with personalized teachers and tutors who will accompany you during your training.

(*) This modality only for face-to-face students

(**) Equipment available at the Barcelona headquarters. The rest of the offices, to consult.


Offer the best training in Digital Marketing and make it available to everyone . Digital marketing should not be the property of a few companies.

Therefore, every year we generate more jobs and prepare more professionals to integrate into the labor market . Regardless of the origin of the students, with equal opportunities for all .

We educate, inspire and collaborate with a community of students, alumni, professors and professionals of the sector fostering a living and active network. A relational system to support one another in the intricate digital environment.


  • Respect for people, institutions and what they represent.
  • Defense of ethical behavior , integrity and freedom of thought.
  • Open learning model, combining formal and informal methods in favor of the use of new technologies and their possibilities.
  • Dynamization of the labor market, connecting students and companies. Reinsertion of profiles in the labor market.
  • Quality in our processes, services and vocation for collaborative participation in our actions.
  • Democratization of training
  • Cercanía to bring distances and that online becomes something close and familiar.
  • Implication: our objective is the same as that of the student, that the best professional in Digital Marketing come out of the Institute.



Carrer del Comte d'Urgell,
143 Planta 5.

08036 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain


Calle María de Molina, Nª 54
planta 5

28006 Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

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