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Located in Barcelona (Spain),

Its main program is the

14 years of experience

IMB School is a business school specialized in offering training to professionals in the music industry. Since 2004, around 1000 participants have completed one of the programs created by its director, and more than 400 have done so as postgraduate students that during 14 editions has directed in collaboration with the management school of Pompeu Fabra University.

In the last ten years the academic direction of

Expert teaching staff

One of the distinctive elements of

The selection and composition of teachers is done according to the objectives and needs of each of the courses. Your function is essential; Not only are they the most responsible for generating and transmitting knowledge, but they also boost our networking and become a main link with the reality of the music industry.

Official partners

IMB School is a training project conceived from and for the music sector that has the involvement of a selection of leading organizations in different areas of activity. Therefore, beyond the collaborating entities, we distinguish the role of the official partner as an agent committed to the creation of a virtuous circle between the world of training and the professional world.

In addition to being a main source of knowledge that we share with our students, they add value to the training experience and promote excellence through their participation in the talent scholarship program.


The Learning-by-Doing learning methodology of the

In this way we turn the study work into an experiential experience, and we guarantee that, upon completion of the postgraduate course, the participants will have been able to contrast their theoretical knowledge with the activity they have had to perform in the different stages of each project.


The relationship with the music industry is at the foundations of


New model

For years, the traditional academic framework of university education has been questioned and surpassed by more disruptive models that approach specialized training in a more open and multidisciplinary way.

The training project of

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IMB School

Address Còrsega 409, Panta 5
08037 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain