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Business, tourism, and hospitality are the highest employment generators but they also demand quality manpower. With this in mind, HTL International School of Hospitality, Tourism, and Languages offers a series of study programs in Business, Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

Among the objectives of the school are:

  • To produce high-quality research, emphasizing both societal and industry needs.
  • To develop and offer post-graduate, bachelor’s degree, diploma and certificate programs independently and in collaboration with national and international institutions/organizations/industry.
  • To offer capacity-building training programs, on-the-job training programs, entrepreneurial development programs and management development programs for various levels, independently and in collaboration with national and international institutions/ organizations/ industry.

All their programs were developed in consultation with experts from the tourism industry, industry associations, and academicians. All faculty members of the School are fully qualified and experienced in several businesses, marketing and tourism-related areas like business administration, digital marketing, hotel management, F&B, travel agent, tour operators, DMC, events production or sales and marketing.

HTL aims to create the perfect blend of knowledge, practical experience and relevance to equip its students with the confidence and skills they need to get ahead in the world of work. Not only are employability skills embedded into every course, but the sector-defining ‘future’ careers and employability service offers help and advice, courses and work experience opportunities to help students’ CVs stand out from the pack.


The school has two campuses: one of them is located in Barcelona city center, another one in the Costa Brava region, the most popular tourist destination for youth and family tourism. The school is located in Lloret de Mar’s town center, just in front of the beach. Madrid and Valencia campus will be inaugurated in early 2018.


HTL International School of Hospitality, Tourism, and Languages is a private educational institution accredited by the Barcelona and Lloret de Mar City Councils. They tightly collaborate with Girona University, European University Miguel de Cervantes, Artesis Plantijn Antwerpen School. They are a collaborating educational institution with a hotel's guilds of Lloret de Mar, Blanes, Tossa.

The school is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, the state institution of Spanish language for Foreigners as examination centers for DELE and SIELE exams. Their study plans include the Spanish language preparation module for DELE a SIELE exam of any of 5 offered levels from A1 to C1.


HTL's teachers, instructors, specialists, and assistants follow the Core Values of their Institution.

Learning: they support student success, access to education, appropriate use of technology, development of literacy, communication, and exchange of ideas across disciplines and locations, exploration and application of new thought and the pursuit of lifelong learning.

Discovery: through the pursuit of free inquiry they promote an enduring learning community.

Engagement: they value ongoing cooperation with their partners in education, with communities in their region and with colleagues throughout the world.

Achievement: they believe in the potential of their learners and are committed to promoting the excellence and success of their students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Diversity: they value human diversity in all its dimensions and are committed to maintaining learning and working environments which are equitable, diverse and inclusive.

Celebration: they celebrate the achievements of their students, faculty, staff, alumni and the communities they serve.

Sustainability: they support a healthy sustainable environment through progressive operational practices and promotion of environmental awareness.


The city of Barcelona is laid out in a grand style and is the perfect place to study. With its privileged location between the Mediterranean coast and snowy mountains, and unrivaled facilities for tourism, sports, and outdoor activities, it is little wonder that so many of the students have chosen to move to Barcelona. Being located within the city center has enabled HTL International School to offer an extensive range of excellent facilities to create the educational process focused on personalized professional learning.

At HTL International School they have four great campuses: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Lloret de Mar. At the school, students can enjoy the campus' large classrooms, free internet access, online learning facilities, computer labs for exams practice, libraries and a communication skills room. In addition, the Barcelona school is surrounded by a huge number of sightseeing spots, restaurants, sporting facilities, transport network, city beaches, museums, theatres and shopping streets.


Lloret de Mar is located near two main Catalonian cities, 70 km from Barcelona and 40 km from Girona. All this turns the small town into a great place to live.

The school is located in the town center, two steps from the main beach one way and two steps from nightclubs and bars on the other. Lloret de Mar is a hotspot for young people from all over the world. It gives you the chance to combine your studying with getting an international communication experience by meeting new people every day. This small town is one of the main tourist destinations, which creates great opportunities for those who are looking for work experience in tourism.


Valencia is worth living in not only because of paella. This is the third large city in Spain and the main destination for both cultural and leisure tourism. Our campus is located in the plain city center, so you can combine all types of tourism with your studies.

At HTL International School we have four great campuses: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Lloret de Mar. At the school, students can enjoy our large classrooms, free internet access, online learning facilities, computer labs for exams practice, libraries and a communication skills room. Thanks to its location, Valencia campus can provide you with many opportunities. From cultural attractions to the lazy days on the beach, which can be reached by a direct bus from school.

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