Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER)


Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER)

The Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) is dedicated to distance and presence education.

The Fundacion Universitaria Iberoamericana (Ibero-American University Foundation - FUNIBER) uses as its framework the two worlds of university and training.
FUNIBER’s purpose is to broadcast and share Spanish knowledge with Ibero-American people. Since its foundation in 1997 in Barcelona, Spain, FUNIBER has grown continuously to become an academic and professional network across twenty-five countries.

FUNIBER is a scientific and investigative university institution that ties professional universities and institutions to offer a Global Education that respects local identities. FUNIBER’s three fundamental operative axes are:

-- Promote the creation of inter-university programmes (programmes between universities). FUNIBER promotes programmes that permit access to double-titled academic degrees. The studies are for Masters, but there are post-degree programmes integrated among them. On the one hand, Diplomas, Specializations, and Extension Courses, among others, that are of a shorter duration. On the other, classroom-based studies for a Doctorate Degree.
-- To support the development and activities of International Cooperation Projects. FUNIBER promotes cooperation and economic development, which is why it works in the field of training and participates in cooperation and development activities with a range of institutions who work on projects of development and/or international cooperation.
-- Solutions to custom-made education and knowledge management for businesses and institutions. On the one hand, FUNIBER develops and works with businesses, corporations, and business groups in a consultative role oriented towards the generation of custom-made educational programs. On the other, FUNIBER provides consultation in knowledge management processes, contributing innovations, and solutions that go from strategic-knowledge management models to systems based on TICs of Knowledge Corporative Portals.

The growing and global presence of FUNIBER is due to a teaching model that promotes the collaboration and cooperation among nations to enrich people formation. This model is the result of more than eight years of experience of FUNIBER teaching graduate distance semi-attending and non-attending virtual international projects of cooperation and formation with the enterprise. This guarantees a model that supply effective results in relation to the teaching investment assumed versus the return in knowledge formation and personal and organizational learning. All of this because FUNIBER’s educative model guarantees a high-quality global formation.

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master's degree in architecture and urban design projects

Online Part time 21 - 2 months September 2019 Spain Barcelona

Because of this, the Master in Project Development of Architecture and Planning, is organized under an innovative training scheme for the area, because not only goes on ... [+]

Master of Architecture and Urban Projects


The Project area has now taken a strong role in the professional development of executives from the most varied professions, for all involved, with different role in the development and implementation of a project. The area of ​​architecture and urbanism as a whole is no doubt that further development and implementation historically has had since its very conception, so the need to develop a program that meets current professional demands, specializing in Urban and Architectural projects.


Because of this, the Master in Project Development of Architecture and Planning, is organized under an innovative training scheme for the area, because not only runs parallel the three classical areas of the world of projects, such as: Design, Management and Administration but also makes it crosswise with the five relevant thematic area: ... [-]

master's degree in occupational risk prevention

Online Part time 1 - 2 years Open Enrollment Spain Barcelona

It is here where the Master of Occupational Health and Safety becomes an ideal instrument for developing a safety training ... [+]

Master in Occupational Health and Safety


Unquestionably, any work activity implies a risk to workers. This reality has created a new business need, which requires compliance with specific obligations set of increasingly stringent by employers. Such obligations are based on a set of regulations and specific regulations that depart from a body at the highest level and are gradually incorporating each of the countries, gradually adjusting to the local level.


If this is coupled with the ever-widening social demand, which requires regulation and monitoring of safety and health, we understand the interest of organizations, whatever their size, achieve security and management occupational health enables them to control their risks and comply with the law. ... [-]

master's in physical activity: training and sports management

Online Part time 6 - 24 months Open Enrollment Spain Barcelona

The Master program in Physical Activity: Training and Sports Management is intended for all professionals who seek to deepen their knowledge of practice and ... [+]

Master in Physical Activity and Sports Management Training


Physical activity is an important factor for maintaining quality of life and health of people at different stages of life. Moreover if we consider that can serve both prevention and treatment of diseases related to inactivity.

For the physical activity is a really useful tool, one must take into account the large deficit in specific training for sports coaches and sports management, to achieve a tangible change in coaches, institutions and establishments that provide this service and thus achieve the coveted status of health and welfare by a professional in the field.


The Master program in Physical Activity: Training and Sports Management is intended for all professionals who seek to deepen their knowledge of the practice and direction of physical training and all aspects related to the management of sports facilities. ... [-]


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