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Fundesem Business School

Starting from 1965, academic excellence was and remains to be the one of the fundamental pillars supporting the very essence of Fundesem Business School (FBS). The close ties that we have with the business world allow us to bring the most up-to-date vision, adapted to market demands, to our educational programs. Without doubt, the mix of these key factors places us in the privileged position of being able to offer students a real premium value for studying at FBS.

At FBS you are the player and not simply a spectator in the learning process. We distance ourselves from solely theoretical training (although, on occasions, there is nothing more useful than a good theory) because we believe that theory must be accompanied by practical applications, either before or after putting it forward.

Depending on the type of material, in each session of FBS program you will discuss case studies, do exercises in applying knowledge, present, defend or participate in activities involving other practical methods, and in such way classes favour constant participation.

Our Mission

Contribute to the improvement of company management on the understanding that it is one of the most important elements of company competitiveness, regardless of sector and size.

We focus on training oriented towards action, for both experienced managers (through In-company and Executive programs) and future professionals (through post-graduate Masters’ courses).

We incorporate company social and ethical responsibility, together with the most advanced management tools, in order to compete in a global and multi-cultural environment.

Fundesem Business School

1. Close Relationship with Business
FBS was born out of an initiative taken by a small group of businessmen. Currently, there are over 250 companies which comprise the Foundation. This close relationship with the world of business allows us to offer programs adapted to the real needs of business organizations and to achieve a high level of employment opportunities for our students.

2. Practical Methodology

FBS aim is that students “know how to do”. Our programs follow an interactive methodology with the immediate application of that learned. Students confront situations similar to the market reality, using business games, and apply what they have learned. The educational focus allows the development of management skills and the management of change.

3. Experienced Teaching Staff

Our teaching team comprises over 250 working professionals who divide their time between their careers in all areas of company management and their teaching. The close relationship established between FBS teachers and their students creates the ideal atmosphere for the development of our participatory methodology and its immediate application.

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4. Commitment to Service

FBS is a business school committed to both the personal and the professional development of its students. This responsibility is reflected in the services we offer covering all aspects involved in your training and well-being:

  • Job Bank
  • Internships program
  • Welcome to Foreign Students
  • Exchange Programs

5. Multicultural Environment

At FBS, we do everything possible to make you feel at home. We believe that a friendly ambience is favourable for the exchange of experience and knowledge. We offer you a pluralistic space where formal training with dialogue between professionals from different companies and countries readily come together to share customs, management styles and ways of doing business

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Spanish (Spain)

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Masters In Digital Marketing (MMDI)

Campus Part time 400 hours April 2017 Spain Alicante

Today no one doubts the impact that has had on business in general and marketing in particular the development of the Internet and the digital world. [+]

Get trained with the best professionals at the national level Digital Marketing GOALS Students who pass the master will be able to: - Get an overview of the world online and internet marketing. - Mastering the concepts and key learning digital tools for enterprise deployment. - Develop and identify different strategies and tactics of online marketing and know how to select the right mix to promote the website and achieve the objectives. - Create a plan own Internet Marketing: objectives, strategies, operational plans, ROI measurement. - Master the tools that enable optimal management of social networks and online communities. - Leading online communities, create conversations and make those interactions result in an ROI. - Successfully manage the tracking and monitoring the state of the company in the online universe (brand management, measuring web metrics relevant business, communication and reputation). - Create, develop and lead business projects and human teams in the digital world. METHODOLOGY The digitized methodology is developed from the first day in the classroom, where we do not work with paper. Students receive a tablet, used to keep the entire program of classes, given the practical oriented approach "know-how" that characterizes the MMDI. YOUR OWN PROJECT ONLINE The Master has a 100% practical component. Since the program started, with the support of tutors, students and develops its own website, blog and online store, developed over the program its own business plan online. The aim is twofold, first the student applies the knowledge acquired, and secondly, the tools implemented... [-]


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