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Hospitality Open Higher Studies (ESAH) is a School of Hospitality that offers individuals and companies a wide range of online courses and postgraduate Hospitality, Catering, Kitchen, Administration and Management, and Event ConfectioneryWith the support of the Superior School of Hotel Sevilla, Highly qualified teachers and specialists active in the online training, And the Universidad San Jorge, Supporting studies Expert and Master in the areas of Management and Administration, Events and Enology Technical Expert.

ESAH began operating in 2007 on the initiative of Lezama Group and Seas, ESuperior Open studios (Grupo San Valero). The two institutions forged a new educational project to provide classroom training that Lezama Group delivered through the School of Hotel Seville, using online methodology Seas, Open Higher Studies specialist center.

Our academic project is to train professionals to respond effectively to current and future needs of the hospitality industry, properly combining theory with business practice and making use of the online methodology based on new technologies.

At present 10,000 students have relied on training by our center, being the satisfaction index above 8.9 which supports the work of the faculty.

ESAH is proposed to become a reference in the panorama of within the hospitality industry online training, Backed by experience and consolidation of SEAS who has international recognition and accreditation by having the first e-learning platform validated by the European Union in a European project and Lezama Group, restaurant group as a reference.

Also ESAHDue to growth in the number of students, committed to opening a new office in Madrid. The delegation, with the collaboration of a large number of professionals such as teachers and Lezama Group with a new classroom seminars for the delivery of practicals to support the online training. From January 2014 with the aim to continue offering the best training, ESAH signing an agreement with the Universidad San Jorge endorsement for the university as a degree some of the studies of experts and masters, offering recognition of ECTS credits according to the study hours.

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