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Your opportunity to train in Spain with the best professionals

We are an educational institution oriented to management, innovation and entrepreneurship. As a Business School, we have highly qualified professors and specialists in the training of professionals in different specialties of business management and entrepreneurship, international tourism and immigration and immigration.

We work hard to support our students in their training and professional development process, which will always be our greatest aspiration, and the fundamental tool of each of them to succeed in a country full of opportunities like Spain.

Get your residence in Spain with our innovative training programs. We include the visa process in the payment of the tuition.

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Own Job Board

We have an Employment Exchange associated with collaborating companies, with which we support students in their access to paid work practices. We promote your participation in various events that promote professional relationships, networking and knowledge of the Spanish market.

Visa Procedure Included

All students in our programs have personalized advice and processing of their Visa and their Study Stay in collaboration with Grupo Aristeo, lawyers and experts in Immigration. Visas will be processed from the Government Delegation in Madrid, Spain.

Professional orientation

Our enrollments have the professional support of the specialists of Grupo Aristeo and the Aristeo Escuela de Negocios Aristeo , who, from their area of expertise will add value in the orientation of the student's professional profile, reinforcing those potential areas that represent a competitive advantage in the market Labor and entrepreneurship.

Our programs have international guarantees

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As an educational institution, we owe ourselves to the formation of ethical, responsible and empathic human beings with the environment; focused on adding value and contributing to the creation of an increasingly fair and sustainable world.

Under this scheme, we have established a close collaboration with international organizations that, by affinity with our philosophy, will bring great value to our educational plans.

To do this, we design a system of transversal or common modules in Culture of Peace and Human Values, for all our programs and masters; from which it is intended to give a much more humane and meaningful formation, capable of transforming lives.

Our undergraduate degrees will have the stamps of the following institutions:

UNESCO Center for Human Rights Training World Citizenship and Culture of Peace

The UNESCO Center for Training in Human Rights World Citizenship and Culture of Peace is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that works for the dissemination and support of UNESCO's ideals, expressed through its Constitution.

The Center also works to create an awareness of global citizenship internationally; that is, for the achievement of citizens of the world, capable of building their lives and guiding their behavior on the basis of respect for human rights, the culture of peace and universal values represented by solidarity, honesty, freedom , respect, in which tolerance, responsibility, justice and coherence are implicit.

Registered and registered in Spain as "Delegation of the UNESCO Center for Human Rights Training World Citizenship and Culture of Peace", National Registry of Associations, Section 4, National Number 149.

International Institute of Global Studies for Human Development

It is a multidisciplinary and applied research educational organization. Located in Spain, European Union, with international agreements and links that extend to the whole of Latin America and the Caribbean. Incorporated under the Organic Law 1/2002, of March 22, and complementary regulations and registered in the Ministry of Interior of the Government of Spain under number 600253. It has legal capacity and full capacity to act, lacking profit.

Its mission is to promote a sustainable human development process in the regions where it operates. The Institute works in a network with an important number of civil society organizations, university institutions and international agencies, among others, to promote the ideal of Sustainable Human Development through reflection, social dialogue, study, research and research. academic exchange

International Platform for Ethical Business Management - New York USA

It is a non-profit organization, non-governmental, with an institutional headquarters in New York, and which is made up of an important group of Professionals from different disciplines, with extensive experience in different companies of various fields, knowledgeable about the problems of business organizations , with an international business perspective, under a vision of rights, in an ethical performance framework.


Community of Madrid

28046 Community of Madrid, Spain