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The School of Protocol and Institutional Relations (ESPRI) Is the reference center for Protocol, Event Organization and Institutional Relations At European level. The School has a team of teachers who are experts in the different subjects they teach, thus bringing current, renewal and freshness; Fundamental aspects of the educational environment. With these resources, our students obtain all the necessary knowledge to be able to direct successfully the execution of any type of protocol act.

ESPRI: High School


The Higher School of Protocol and Institutional Relations is the best center for Protocol, Event Organization and Institutional Relations in Europe.

Born this year 2000, Protected by the Cristóbal Gabarrón Foundation, With the aim of being the academic center of reference for the formation of professionals capable of working perfectly in the world of work. Our students gain all the knowledge necessary to be able to To direct successfully the execution of any type of protocol act.

Formative project

TabletOur training project combines a curriculum with all the Theoretical concepts of the different disciplines of the protocol of the 21st century Thanks to a faculty formed by accredited professionals specialized in each area and deep knowledge and current reinforced with the Practical approach demanded by public and private companies and institutions. We firmly believe in the success of a Quality training, at Custom tracking And in the Collaborative relationships Between teachers and students.

What is the protocol?

The Protocol Is a complex profession that requires knowledge in many subjects without which success can not be guaranteed at work. It should not be understood only as a set of recommendations or rules for behaving in society. It's much more than that. The protocol Arises from a set of rules, techniques and traditions through which any type of event or event is organized for a public or private institution. Some Clarifying examples Are: the organization of a business meeting, a congress or a trade fair, a business meal, a general meeting of shareholders, a presentation of a new product, a press conference, an official trip Or company, of a sporting event.

The Protocol New factors Such as: communication, strategy and marketing. To manage an event, It is essential to have knowledge about these areas because they have been able to combine to become fundamental tools of protocol and that requires preparation.


HeadquartersESPRI has two venues:

In the Higher School of Protocol and Institutional Relations, we are committed to plurality and, therefore, we have two headquarters in operation today. The two are in Spain: the main one in Barcelona And another in Madrid. In any of them You can take any of our studies With all the teaching resources, with professors of excellence and with theoretical and practical classes.

Teaching resources

meansAs a training and recycling school, ESPRI intends to perform different functions:

Being a driving force that promotes the Protocol in society as a whole, bets on its professional recognition, investigates its past and future, offers solutions and advises institutions and companies, promotes specialized meetings, generates documentation at the service of The profession, publishes publications, supports events and acts, bets on a permanent update, generates jobs and favors the insertion of properly trained specialists in the labor market.


ESPRI has an unbeatable cast of teachers who provide students with all their knowledge in addition to their daily experiences as professionals in the world of protocol and the organization of events.

Digitized classrooms

We have computer facilities with which students can prepare adequately in the use and management of new technologies and their application in the field of the organization. These classrooms have the most specialized software used in Protocol.


In ESPRI we have a large library specialized in Protocol and auxiliary disciplines, as well as a specialized documentation center that can be accessed by all students for their complementary studies. In addition, it has a large video library that allows greater monitoring by the student of the organization of events in different sectors of society.


Within its didactic program, the school promotes conferences of technicians and specialists in Protocol, coming from different institutions and companies. These events bring experiences from the working world and complement the teaching given in the classes.

Trips and trips

We organize visits to institutions and companies with the purpose of knowing their protocol and their protocolary actions. We also bet on trips abroad to learn about international institutions and how their protocol works.


From the School we offer complementary texts on the subject of Protocol and auxiliary disciplines through our own Publications Service. Always at a reduced price compared to the general market.

Practices / Agreements

The School has agreements with a large number of institutions, companies, foundations and associations to introduce students to the world of work.


ESPRI attaches great importance to the application of the acquired knowledge By the students thanks to the teachers and the rest of the teaching resources. Therefore, the school offers the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical sessions with Work practices in different companies related to protocol and event management.

External Practices

The Agreements Which ESPRI has with the different companies and institutions, makes it possible for all students who wish to do their Professional practices in organizational, communication or institutional relations offices. In ESPRI, labor market practices are not the only opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired during training. The School also promotes its own events managed by students And, in addition, receives commissions from other institutions or companies attended by the most qualified students, all under the current legal frameworks.

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Master In Protocol: Organization And Executive Management Of Events

Campus Full time 1 year September 2018 Spain Barcelona Madrid + 1 more

The organization of events has been one of the fields that has presented a more remarkable evolution in recent times. Companies and institutions organize events to relate to their audiences, loyalty to customers, position themselves as a brand, capture the attention of the media, present new products, convey ideas, etc. [+]

General information The Event organization Has been one of the fields that has presented a more remarkable evolution in recent times. Companies and institutions organize events to relate to their audiences, loyalty to customers, position themselves as a brand, capture the attention of the media, present new products, convey ideas, etc.

The protocol Has been integrated into the communication framework as an instrument for the projection of the public image of institutions, companies and organizations. It is not possible to conceive of a public or private act, external or internal, in which the design of a qualified professional in the planning, planning, communication, organization, execution and control phases is not necessary.... [-]

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