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The International School of Protocol It is one of the first centers in Spain that its plans training offers university studies both undergraduate and graduate and specialization courses in Event Organization, Protocol and Institutional Relations. These qualifications are supported by the European University of Madrid.

But the school is not just a training center. It is a private entity, run by a group of renowned experts in the field of the Protocol has:

Research Center. Data center. Publishing Service. specialized library. Advisory Service to public and private institutions. Through specialized in the sector of communication Protocol and Events.

It is also the organizer of major international events Protocol:

International Congress of Protocol Protocol International Prize

The International School of Protocol, consisting of a network of offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Granada, Asturias, La Coruna, Buenos Aires and Paraguay has established itself as the world center specialized in training in Protocol, Institutional Relations and Event management . More than 15,000 students have passed through its different classrooms. Of these, 60% now occupy positions in departments protocol. A really important percentage that highlights the growing activity in this sector, the professional drive you have, the increasing business and institutional demand and so interesting future offers.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Spanish

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This school also offers:


Masters In Protocol Design, Creation And Management Of Corporate And Institutional Events

Campus Part time 1 week October 2018 Spain Madrid Barcelona A Coruña Oviedo Valencia + 4 more

The master in PROTOCOL, DESIGN, CREATION AND ADDRESS OF CORPORATE AND INSTITUTIONAL EVENTS, the International School of Protocol is a highly competitive program that prepares and professionally enable the student to the development of Creation, Management and Design Events and Institutional Relations . [+]

When we talk about events, we refer to acts of social relationships that are organized to convey a message to a targeted audience with the aim of achieving a result in this audience. In order to develop an event properly, we need to unite many disciplines, creativity, staging, production, protocol, research of our public, marketing, of course corporate communication of the institution and so on. The master in PROTOCOL, DESIGN, CREATION AND ADDRESS OF CORPORATE EVENTS AND INSTITUTIONAL, of the International School of Protocol It is a highly competitive program that prepares and enables the student to professional development Creation, Management and Design Events and Institutional Relations. This program is developed, based on industry growth forecasts suggest that all the consequent increase in the budget earmarked for organizations creating corporate events. Methodology The programs are developed in a modular way in order to make them more readable and manageable in the logical evolution of the learning process and the study methodology is based on three fundamental questions :. B-LEARNING one classroom combining classroom teaching with online work system where students study adapts to its particular circumstances of time, place and work space is established. Program Module 1. Design, Building and Planning Events - 6 ECTS Content: the breefing Creativity and innovation event Strategic planning Project management Time management bussines plan Module 2. Management and Corporate Event Management - 8 ECTS Content: Fundamentals of Economics Management skills Leadership and Team Management Coaching CSR and Sustainability Spokesperson training Module 3. Global Communication... [-]


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