Escuela Española de Negocios Internacionales


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EENI - Escuela Superior de Negocios Internacionales is a Spanish Business School specializing exclusively in foreign trade and international business in distance higher education created in 1995, with more than 4,000 students in one hundred countries. The central EENI is in Tarragona (Tabarnia, Spain).

  1. Possibility of personalizing the master according to the professional needs of the student
  2. Adaptation of the subjects to all the countries of Latin America and Spain
  3. Courses, doctorates, bachelor's degrees and master's degrees are available in Spanish , English, French and Portuguese.
  4. Beginning of bachelor's degrees (degrees) in international business: May 2018 ( creation of the Hispano-African University of International Business in West Africa )

Vision University U-EENI: opening of the Hispano-African University of International Business in Burkina Faso

We collaborate with the best experts to develop the contents of their courses; They have been translated into several languages ​​(English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic).

The EENI has students in more than one hundred countries and has developed strategic alliances with prestigious institutions (Universities, Business Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Governments, etc.) in several countries.


The mission of EENI is to provide quality international, multilingual and intercultural international trade training that promotes the human and professional development of its students from all over the world, as well as improving the efficiency and productivity of companies in the global environment, promoting a vision Ahimsa (Nonviolence) of international business.


To be a leading global educational institution in the area of ​​international business that motivates and trains people and institutions around the world in the search for a more open and democratic model of globalization .

  1. To be a reference at the international level in the training of professionals of commerce and international
  2. Train competent professionals to respond to the needs of the labor market
  3. Contribute to expand development opportunities for students who do not have the necessary resources, making education more accessible and granting partial scholarships
  4. To be an educational institution of reference in the use of new technologies applied to training in international business
  5. Being able to bring together alumni, promoting collaborations and facilitating their access to the labor market and the world of international business (networking)
  6. Being an institution capable of adapting to social changes, betting on quality and continuous improvement
  7. Develop educational partnerships with recognized institutions around the world
  8. Help eradicate corruption
  9. Establish a global ethics model

The Ahimsa EENI vision is our guiding principle, our commitment to humanity and our code of conduct based on integrity, truthfulness and respect towards all our students and students, as well as all the people who directly or indirectly work with us.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Spanish

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