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ESDE Business School, School of Management, is the School of Business at the International University of Valencia. ESDE Business School offers undergraduate and postgraduate with methodology 100% online, thanks to the know-how in e-learning, International University of Valencia, a private university with an international online recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain. Our main objective is to train managers, business leaders and managers with a vision of sustainable and innovative management. To achieve through our programs we provide professionals and companies comprehensive training in all functional areas of an organization, always with the flexibility offered by our online methodology. ESDE Business School's mission is to provide working professionals the opportunity to improve their training, completely eliminating barriers of distance, location or schedules, thanks to the use of Information Technology and participatory methodology and based on teacher quality. The principles that drive us are:

  • Commitment to personal improvement and professional success of participants in our training programs.
  • Constant innovation and design programs according to criteria of employability update.
  • Prioritize collaborative work between students and student-teacher ratios in our methodology.
  • Deepen an international vision of our programs.
  • Constant innovation in the methodology of teaching and learning.

Methodology ESDE Business School

The methodology ESDE Business School is collaborative, international, online, training professionals working with a style less dependent on space and time, and to exploit the potential of the technology for teamwork. It is designed for the interaction of several key components:

  • Program Directors, who design the program and select the cloister.
  • Cloister, enriching exchanges between students, provides updated content and selects the best success stories. This faculty is international, innovative and pioneering in the incorporation of technology in their professional field.
  • Program Managers, which control the development of the student.
  • Student, exceeding academic tests to certify their knowledge and ability to apply them.

Collaborative learning

In ESDE Business School we encourage collaborative work between teachers and students as learning opportunities to multiply exponentially, as well as help to develop communication skills, teamwork, planning, time management, negotiation, influence, and leadership.

Content and Activities

Content selection and planning of activities by the teachers are a key factor in the methodology. These contents and activities may be debates, problem-solving, case analysis, scenario comparison, research projects or simulators. Students in the programs are:

  • Thematic presentations of professors and experts.
  • Manuals, technical notes, and recent reference books.
  • Business success stories and case studies that help us locate learning in the context of the everyday life of organizations.
  • Research reports and economic analyses prepared by ESDE Business School.

International vision

In a global environment like this, we need professionals who can think globally and to understand and exploit the unique characteristics of each market. The international context of the methodology ESDE Business School guarantees the diversity of references, previous experiences and ways of thinking and understanding business.

This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish (Spain)

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