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ESUMA - Superior School of Marketing is the benchmark in training in Marketing, Communication and Sales in the Province of Alicante since 1992.


From our new facilities at Elche Parque Industrial, at ESUMA we continue to do the same thing that has delighted and entertained us for 20 years: Specialized training in Marketing, Communication and Sales.


Vocation and specialty in the training of entrepreneurs, managers and executives of the company.

Make important contributions to economic and industrial activity through business training.

The teaching method based on the Case Method, based on the experience of the most prestigious Universities and Business Schools in Europe and the USA.

We provide our students with their integral development through a humanistic and professional training.

Our teachers are active professionals who provide the student with a real vision of the business world, thus enhancing their skills and pragmatism in decision-making.

The ESUMA Careers and Masters provide the training and adaptation capacity to face the new challenges of the international economy.

The prestige of the ESUMA Degree is guaranteed by the quality of the teaching staff, the professional level of its students and the market demand that is reflected in our extensive employment and internship pool.

Our school encourages both teamwork and pressure and the spirit of competitiveness.

The currency of ESUMA is: "Academic rigor. Professional level". These objectives are achieved by applying our philosophy and listening to the concerns of entrepreneurs and responding to them through the new professionals we train for the real world.


The student is introduced to the practical resolution of concrete and real problems, through different learning techniques, with work that must be done individually and in a group. Among the main techniques used in the ESUMA methodology, we would highlight three: Case, Role Playing and Project.

Case Method: The students demonstrate the application of the knowledge acquired through practical cases that they prepare individually or in groups and expose and defend their resolution in the classroom.

Role Playing: To settle the knowledge acquired in class, students participate in group dynamics of different themes.

Project: Each year finalized of studies culminates with the preparation of a project that includes all the subjects exposed throughout the year. This project will be evaluated before a jury that may be teaching staff or visiting businessmen.

The small groups of students, allow the teachers to have an exact knowledge of the problems of each student. ESUMA tries to reproduce in all its methodology the real situation with which the students will find themselves at the end of their careers, when they hold a management position, they are saturated with work, with strong personal tension, lack of time and in a highly competitive environment .

Each student has different learning methods, different needs and different pressures while studying. This is the reason why our training programs are characterized by their flexibility.

Paid practices

Given the expectations of entrepreneurs, Private Titles taught by the Higher School of Marketing have, for more than two decades, great prestige and enormous professional opportunities.

ESUMA, has a broad Employment and Internship Exchange, as well as agreements with national and international companies that allow our students to enter the labor market quickly.

The School helps both companies and institutions in the selection of personnel, knowing their needs and making available the curricula and profiles of the students. ESUMA manages and channels the incoming offers adapting them to the needs of both parties. Since its founding in 1992 , has received the support of multiple entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, government agencies and companies in general.This support has gone from business advice to the delivery of practical classes, through scholarships to students with fewer resources and the contribution of Bolsa of Employment and Practices.

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