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All professionals School of Business and Management, Enyd, are coordinated with the aim to provide a 100% practical training to ensure its application in day to day work. The goal is to help the specialization and development of new knowledge adjusting to the demands of today's market.

More than 30,000 students have already trusted us, the European University Miguel de Cervantes supports the studies we teach. Meet the School of Business and ManagementWe will accompany you throughout the entire process of professional improvement and support entrepreneurial projects possible. Access our online training in the areas of: business management, marketing, advertising, business management, digital marketing, human resources, corporate finance, business consultancy, stock exchange and capital market... Choose between different levels of learning: technical courses, advanced courses, master's and MBA.

Meet Enyd and benefit from ongoing training sessions, both virtual and face-to keep you updated. Attend networking events we organize in our center entrepreneurs.

Because our goal of continuous improvement and adjustment to the demands of today's market, School of Business and Management It has a specialized center in the Business creation, Sector Emprende, In which it supports entrepreneurs and Start up. Through SECTOR EMPRENDE our students can access specialized to get their projects entrepreneurship training. You can enlist the help of professionals specialized in launching new companies, Access events Networking, conferences, seminars... The work and effort over the years to provide specialized training have made us a reference for both professionals and companies. The numbers speak for themselves: more than 12,000 students trained in more than 50 countries, more than 300 agreements with companies ... Call and known Enyd.

You're not alone
Contact specialized tutors and your academic advisor to resolve all doubts.

100% practical training
All our courses and master's programs are aimed at the application of learning through cases, exercises ...

Webinars and workshops
We organize virtual classes and workshops for our Online virtual courses.

You can do internships in companies through our courses and master's degrees.

University degree
Our programs are endorsed by the European University Miguel de Cervantes.

Adapted to you
We make available educational resources available 24h, video recorded classes, educational videos, multimedia content ...

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  • Spanish

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