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Why study in EALDE?

Our programs fit the case method to collaborative learning environment itself an e-learning methodology in the Virtual Campus EALDE.

If that master the cursas in EALDE also live a unique and decisive experience. Among the main concerns of our students highlights the need to optimize their ability to manage people, motivate teams and delegate responsibly. To decide rigor is necessary to cultivate a global view of the organization and develop skills to help decide in real contexts.

The cloister EALDE makes a careful selection of cases that allow participants to go by analyzing a wide range of experiences today.

In EALDE we understand the company as an organization of people with a common goal. The manager must make decisions thinking about them, knowing that any action, however small, is a process that affects other: it leads to improvement or deterioration favorable. Understand leadership from this perspective has concrete consequences that result in management style: properly treat employees, create a suitable climate for personal development, form powerful computers and personal relationships formed into a solid confidence.

EALDE values ​​emphasize the dignity and intrinsic rights of each person, and are the backbone of any successful organization and society in the long term.

EALDE pays particular attention to ethics and social responsibility of the company. This interest is transferred to teaching and future actions that are carried out in accordance with its mission.

In short, we want our students to acquire a business maturity, both in its management and entrepreneurial side, enabling them to deal with situations in which professionals make decisions based on knowledge and experience. Thus, over time the business personality will be enriched, and the Master was the starting point of the long process of improvement.


Our programs are developed through e-learning methodology through the Virtual Campus EALDE.

The main business schools used as an effective means of teaching the case method, it creates an environment in which participants learn to face difficulties, problems with uncertainty, discussing and integrating the work of several people to reach an understanding of specific situations unthinkable alone. Participants are consistently placed in real situations of the company, to think like executives and make strategic decisions.

Cases are descriptions of actual business situations that serve as a basis for discussion rather than paradigm of what should be done. Teachers who lead the sessions combine managerial experience and academic.

This method provides an absorbent form of learning. The student, after making an individual analysis of the case, defines the problems, solutions and choose a structure that contrasts with the other participants. Learn from your peers, and teacher cases "contagiously skills". Participation is key to the proper development of the Master.

What it is intended?

In case we want the students to internalize a way of thinking and behaving to the problems of business. Business maturity that we want to transmit not translate into a collection of theories to forget with time, but a personality that can cope with the economic reality that faces the student in his professional life. It is building a "company man" or "a woman of business."

EALDE carries this contrasted network and participatory method simple and practical; and it allows to establish links with partners from different countries and cultures.

Advantages of our method

It adapts to any family and professional compatible situation with frequent trips, irregular hours ... The "close" and continuous relationship established with other participants and teachers of the Master is an incentive that encourages maintain proper pace throughout the program. A guardian accompanies each group and each participant throughout the training process.

It is fun and simple. It maintains attention and promotes interactivity between students and teachers throughout the Master. Cadence attentive and meditative reading, self-assessment exercises and reinforcement of concepts and discussion of practical cases enhance the practical assimilation of learning.

The active participation of the teacher in the dynamics of analysis and reflection, and in drawing final conclusions regarding business situations discussed in the forum each class, is a differentiator over other methodologies which are also called e-learning, where the teacher participates by exception.

The student receives through the learning platform all the documentation you need without having to go to other reference sources.

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