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The University imparts CAMILO JOSÉ CELA official undergraduate and graduate in five own centers (four faculties and School) and four affiliated institutions, including CELA OPEN INSTITUTE, all registered in the Register of Universities, Schools and Degrees Kingdom of Spain.


The UNIVERSITY CAMILO JOSÉ CELA offers undergraduate officers (grade) and graduate (Masters and PhD), all verified by the University Council, authorized by the Government of the Community of Madrid and registered in the Register of Universities, Centres and Titles of the Kingdom of Spain. Also offers own studies of university extension and continuing education.

Legal Personality

Cela Open Institute is an entity with its own distinct legal personality of its developer, taking the form of limited liability company whose sole object is higher education, and undergoing the legal status of these entities.


Cela Open Institute is an institution dedicated to higher education and research through teaching, research and continuing education, which is founded on the principle of university autonomy, which is expressed in the freedom of teaching, research and study .


Cela Open Institute is an institution of higher education statutorily committed to the values ​​of freedom and democracy, and linked to the defense and promotion of the historical, cultural, social and scientific heritage and its projection to the world as a way to contribute to economic development, social progress and international cooperation.


According to its legal nature of limited liability, CELA OPEN INSTITUTE has the highest governing body of the General Meeting, and they set their statutes.


Management, representation, management and administration of CELA OPEN INSTITUTE and management of its assets corresponds to your Manager, you can perform all acts and contracts, of whatever nature, which linked and require an entity, unless the powers reserved by law to the General Meeting.

This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish

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